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S01.E07: Haunting

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This could have actually been good if it weren’t such a campy mess. It’s silly and parodied to death. I’m SMH that it was renewed but I guess it got enough traction and “watchers” to continue and I might watch the first one to see if it tie up any ends if I run out if things to watch. I’d like to see a version done by another director that wasn’t so convoluted and erratic. I also don’t care for Cannavale in that role either. 
I wish animals were off limits completely for being killed. I’ll definitely start checking doesthedogdie website some of y’all suggested. If I know where it’s at I can FF past that part at least. 

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On 11/4/2022 at 3:04 PM, Sweet-tea said:

One thing that unsettled me out from the beginning was the creepy, soulless voice of the watcher. Did they use some kind of voice distortion device? 

Yes, Days of our Lives uses the same sounding one when their characters are possessed by the devil.  Must be pretty cheap as the soaps have no budget anymore. 

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I like Bobby Cannavale and at some friends and family advise I checked out the series.  I have to admit I found it enjoyable or at least engaging for the most part.  Enough so if there's a second season I'd watch it.  I could live with the ambiguous ending but two things that bother me:

Yeah as mentioned here Why The Hell do you not search and search and search the tunnel further?  Even if the cops aren't going to help you get another private detective or something.  It has to be obvious to them that's how the girl goes in the bedroom, the kids pet killer got in the house, the phone call from in the house to the motel, etc.....  

In regards to the tunnel the one scene with "John Graff" and Pearl where Pearl says "They're Onto Us".  That has to let me believe they have to be in on some of it.  As I said I could live with the ambiguousness but that made no sense.  Plus "John" hiding from Dean as well when he knocked at their door.  It leads me to believe some of the accusations have to be true against him.  Either that or he has stuff to hide.  

My take on the final scene is Nora is spying more on Dean then the house to see if he's still obsessed with it.  But like everything else it's the series of ambiguity.  

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On 11/11/2022 at 8:49 PM, BlueSkies said:

Yeah as mentioned here Why The Hell do you not search and search and search the tunnel further?  Even if the cops aren't going to help you get another private detective or something.

Of all the things that didn't make sense, this one kind of did make sense to me. Once you go through the tunnel to a certain point, you're under someone else's property. The police could do it with a warrant, I guess, but that's off the table. A private detective might not agree to trespass that way.

Only one unresolved matter really bothered me in a visceral sense, like, in a "actually shouting at the television" sense. I really needed to know how Roger knew William ("John Graff") from somewhere.


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This show was just plain ridiculous.  It started off alright, but went off the rails by episode four.  There were TOO many twists that amounted to nothing.  Once the Brannock's discovered the tunnel, THAT is all the show should have been about.  The tunnels answer how the "Watcher", and Jasper, got into your house repeatedly and undetected.  A throwaway line to Detective Chamberland of "I boarded it up" makes absolutely no sense.  Forget about the cops, since they won't help you.  If they were smart, they could have set a trap and caught Graff, or whomever, coming through the tunnels.  Or, get a team, hang lights, and chart out the tunnels.  In this age of security cameras, why wasn't any cameras set up to watch the mailbox?  The letters didn't have postmarks, which means someone hand delivered them.  That would have been easy to catch.  Wouldn't take long to figure out it was Jasper and pigtails doing it all. 

The show ends with "Mystery is still unsolved."  Yes, the real-life mystery is unsolved but, as far as this show, it was the Preservation Society.  No, the show didn't state it, but that is the best explanation for this trash series.  Everything else is fluff to fill in the gaps and keep us "in suspense".  This was bad horror movie stupidity.  Watching the real life story on Buzzfeed was interesting.  Having the show writers attempt to fill in the gaps of the Watcher was very poorly done.

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