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S07.E02: Allegation Nation

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Gizelle used Candiace to get Monique off the show. Remember how Gizelle was suddenly afraid of Monique after the fight that Candiace instigated? Gizelle loved every second of that because it helped her have job security since she has no story. Now she’s doing it to Candiace.

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I am tired already about Candiance complaining that Chris comes home at 1 AM.  Damn, it could be 1 am and he NOT come home. If she wanted a man that works from 9-5, or not at all, she should have married one. He's in the restaurant /service industry - what the hell did she expect ?? And guess what Candiance - a baby can be conceived during the day...

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On 10/17/2022 at 6:24 PM, Chatty Cake said:

Sliding into someone’s dm’s means sending them a private message. Commenting on their Instagram is not sliding. If Ashley really didn’t know that Chris was working at that place, I could get her being slightly concerned but even then, it wasn’t an incriminating comment. She looked way too excited to stir up some drama and Gizelle was downright delighted. If she didn’t want to talk to Chris in her dressing room, she could have moved the conversation to Candiaces room. I don’t blame Candiace for shutting that down. 


Hate to say this but it would seem like there is an age/technical gap using social media. If you have that much of an issue with whom is commenting what where, there is a way to do something about it .

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