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I watched during the first run, but watching reruns in blocks made me realize that Christy is a horrible person. Funny I didn't notice that when I only watched weekly.

The worst part is she thinks she's this nice amazing helpful person. But she's judgmental and always rags on Bonnie. Yes Bonnie can be selfish but she also does good things. When she does, Christy digs deep to find a flaw. For example, when Bonnie was in a wheelchair and Christy took over the building, she found out her mom does nice things for the tenants. But she couldn't accept that and tried to prove there's bad motives behind it. Or when the others said they were proud of Bonnie for taking in Tammy, she just looked on with that hateful smug look of hers when Bonnie admits she can't handle it.

Christy never forgives Bonnie for the past and brings it up every chance she gets no matter how much a better person Bonnie has become. She wants Violet to forgive her but she refuse to do the same for Bonnie. She also makes excuses for her own actions and get defensive. She made the gang miss the hug lady and still continued smoking. Did she ever pay back Adam and Jill for gambling their money away instead of using it to pay Bonnie's bail?

A admit Christy does give Bonnie credit sometimes when the storyline calls for it. 

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