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Paramount+ will exclusively premiere 11 MINUTES, a four-part documentary that takes viewers inside the heart-stopping stories of terror and survival experienced by those who were at the 2017 Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas. 11 MINUTES will debut Tuesday, Sept. 27 on Paramount+, marking the week of the event's fifth anniversary (Oct. 1)

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I like that this concluded with the names of the more than 115 additional people who'd been killed in mass shootings in the U.S. during the five years between this attack and when the film was made, but it was sad how few of those subsequent attacks I remembered.

I also like how they refused to say the shooter's name, or the names of any of the other shooters.  This was about the people who helped each other.

I was particularly touched by Jason's story.  He's in this unwelcoming environment, basically outright told he doesn't belong (because he's Black) at one point, and then during the shooting he goes back in to help people escape, but when he's shot in the neck and asks for help, initially no one does. 

I loved the mom of the twins, saying the worst call she expects to get about them during a night out is they got a speeding ticket, not that both her daughters have been shot.

And the woman who was there celebrating having beat breast cancer, and winds up needing years worth of surgeries to put her face back together.

It was haunting to hear the recording of the man who called police to say his wife was declared dead at the scene and they made him leave, so he has all her stuff and has no idea where her unidentified body is.


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