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S05.E01: Double Down

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On 10/1/2022 at 1:39 AM, Brian Cronin said:

I legit don't know how you can really tell the difference if you're a showrunner. I think to most of them, "Most vocal" = "Most popular," unless, like, the second most vocal is the direct opposite of the most vocal. ;) 

Oh, absolutely. In fact, let's say we even want to say Bishop didn't know what she was talking about, a romance with Tim would clearly be WORSE, since he's her DIRECT SUPERVISOR. It's patently absurd for a romance to occur between a second year cop and her direct supervisor (especially when she's as ambitious as Lucy is, and thus even MORE likely to not want to do anything that might hurt her reputation). However, notice that when Tim talked to Lopez about it, she clearly didn't give a shit, and Lopez has typically been presented as a voice of reason on the show (at least when it comes to being a cop). 

I think that Hawley clearly agreed with Bishop when he had her say it to Lucy early on. Again, he hasn't had a cop/cop romance on the series since (Nolan has dated an FBI agent, an ER doc and a superhero; Lucy has dated a serial killer's aide, a firefighter and a DA; Jackson dated an actor and a doctor; Tim has dated a social worker and a daughter of a cop; Lopez has dated/married a lawyer and Harper has dated a community organizer and whatever that other parent at her kid's school did for a living - clearly not a cop), so I think he totally planned on following through with that, as he has for so many seasons already, but he also seems to now want to eventually give into the Chenford fandom.

I personally don't like it, but I can get it. Fan service can be grating, but we're in Season 5, ya know? It's not like he gave in right away. But, like an article I wrote last season, it's pretty much a snowball idea - it's kind of inevitable, good or bad.

Another example, Jamie and Eddie on Blue Bloods.  Which most people hate, but I like.  Call me crazy. 

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