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S05.E07: Bad Eggs

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"I can be monster." "I'm sure you make a great monster." Amanda talking to Chozen like, yes, you're a very intimidating karate assassin.  

Mitch had a good point sitting on the egg. I was expecting Demetri to trip from having no shoelace. Bert and Nate on the floating thing in the pond was smart. Good for Anthony for realizing that teamwork is the strategy. And it makes sense that he would come up with it given that he's been alone with no real friends when he's been really bullied. 

Devon and Tory bonding was good. Yeah, Kyler sucks as a leader, much as expected.

It's much more believable that Young Silver is 5 years away from turning into Thomas Ian Griffith than that Young Kreese is 4 years from turning into Martin Kove. I think it's adorable that Young Kreese glommed onto Johnny at least in part for having the same name, when it is the most basic of names. 

They got me with the "No mercy, motherfucker" note. I really thought he had a lawyers number on there. I half-expected it to be Julie from Next Karate Kid.

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Wow Daniel has said the f word the p word and I'm assuming was the mastermind behind the note to Kreese.  

18 hours ago, Cthulhudrew said:

Nice takedown of Kreese, who still didn't learn the right lesson during his stint in prison.

On reflection, I thought it was weird Kreese got that note to Daniel with Liar on it but was reluctant to cooperate with him 

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On 9/10/2022 at 5:43 PM, bettername2come said:

I hate that this reference went over my head while watching.

Oh man, ffs. I just got it. 

I don't think Mr. Miyagi would have approved of Daniel going back on his work even if it was Kreese. 

If I were Sam, I would have put the egg under a pic of Miyagi or in a bonsai. 

And of course Silver's grand evil plan is a karate tournament. This show. 

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Nit Pick: The magazine cover from the 1980 flashback showed a couple of guys doing Aikido and Not Karate. Aikido People usually wear Hakama, those long loose pants.

I was hoping one the kids would swallow the egg raw in front of Chozen before Chozen had the chance to break it.

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On 9/9/2022 at 11:30 PM, Cthulhudrew said:

Nice takedown of Kreese, who still didn't learn the right lesson during his stint in prison.

I don't know I doubt if Mr. Miyagi would approve and as the stand in for the Okinawan way Chozin is fighting for honor and that move was dishonorable. Danial should be just Danial and not Danial-san if this goes beyond Johnny.

I loved Kenny not missing "the smack talking king"

1 hour ago, DoctorAtomic said:

Oh that's an even better idea. Or actually have them all do it at once. 

1 hour ago, marinw said:

I was hoping one the kids would swallow the egg raw in front of Chozen before Chozen had the chance to break it.

 Mass suicide, the birds are still extinct, even if it follows an historic Japanese theme.

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I cannot believe I didn't catch that reference, you got me there, show.

Its really quite adorable that young Kreese got so attached to Johnny at first because of his name, he really was so wholesome before he went full supervillain. 

Good on Anthony figuring out the whole "lets work together" lesson, it makes sense as he is always getting picked on while alone. I liked him and Sam talking about how he paid a guy to do the max on max off bit and she turned it into a lesson. 

Of course Kyler is a terrible leader, he's a bully and not much else.

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Pretty dull filler episode at this point in the season.  Kreese and Silver still looked the same age as in Vietnam even though this was around ten years later.  This was only four years before Karate Kid and the Martin Kove Kreese.  The other kids finally getting more screen time this season.  Cobra Kai and Miyagi Chozen Fang ramping up for the big showdown.

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