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S02.E07: Lest We Forget

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Thanks @Rusun -- I forgot they went back to Vietnam in TAR22.

You're welcome, @ottoDbusdriver!


The teabaggers made such a fuss about it that not only did TAR-US have to air an apology right before the following leg/episode, but it's almost guaranteed that a return trip is unthinkable in the near future - probably not until TAR30 and above, if the show can somehow survive for a few more years.


So, Mr. Lysakowski and company, how likely could Air Canada arrange flights to Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi? ;)

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I enjoyed this episode, though I was hoping they'd go up to the WWI sites.  It's great how this race actually have some tougher mental tasks, compared to the recent US seasons.  The wine chemistry challenge was good, and I was impressed that Audrey's slow and steady route paid off.  The brothers are pretty strong with practical tasks.  I remember doing a Bayeux tapestry task similar to that one when I was in high school.  It's too bad the guys helped the team in last place, considering how they got hopelessly lost between any two destinations.  

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