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S01.E05: Out of Office

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I wish they'd have more cases than just this big oil merger story.  Every week some new stupid issue comes up.  Maybe the first were kind of believable but the past two--the renewable battery and these refugee camps--seem to really matter to Z.  Wouldn't they highlight that and make sure they were able to take care of the green battery and refugees?  These are things that matter, not secrets to hide in an acquisition.

I'd also like to know why Justin, who is supposed to be Ingrid's paralegal, never has scenes with her and when did he stop being a layabout?

And yeah, of course she kisses Murphy.

I thought the "white fragility" speech in the fourth episode was a bit too on-the-nose but whoo boy did it pay off in this episode. That comedy routine was awkward and uncomfortable and something I could absolutely see happening. 

And then at the end, any attempt at progress they tried with making Murphy a better human being this episode was completely undercut when he followed her outside and begged her to stay. Like sure, they had just witnessed a routine meant to mock people of color and women for calling out racism and sexism but she should stay because he thought they'd fuck.

Oh good God. 

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Anyone else cringe that the firm has mentors stay within their own ethnicities? Eek. 

I thought they were making Dan somewhat sympathetic but then they did that. Double eek.

Ingrid kissing Murphy- who didn’t see that a mile away. Poor sweet billionaire boyfriend.

They have been telegraphing a future relationship between Rachel and the paralegal from the beginning, and I’m here for it.

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On 8/28/2022 at 3:45 PM, twoods said:

Anyone else cringe that the firm has mentors stay within their own ethnicities? Eek. 

Karen in HR is not doing her job.

And Lina is back, ugh. She's still terrible. I don't care that she's trying to persuade herself that her family loves her, or whatever her damage is. Get therapy.

That retreat felt scarily accurate in certain respects.

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