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S01.E04: Due Diligence

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As her new relationship moves at warp speed, Ingrid competes with Murphy to impress their boss. A reluctant Rachel organizes the firm's talent show.

streaming date: 8/26/22

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At this point, Rachel and Tyler are more interesting to me than Ingrid.  Although Tyler was starting to irritate me in this episode as well. 

Of course they start out the episode hinting that Ingrid still holds some sort of feelings for her one night stand and she claims they have a "banter." It hasn't been banter.  It has been out-of-the-blue insults.  This show isn't written well enough and Murphy not acted well enough for the out-of-the-blue insults he has hurled at her to be considered "banter" to me.

Heck, even though he gets all the sexual tension moments, he and Ingrid don't have as much chemistry as she has with her actual boyfriend and even Z.

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I really dislike Nick. He has absolutely no edge whatsoever, and not being able to do laundry isn't charming to me. I don't think any of the men are that great save for Tyler, and he's a cliché in his own way, just a less obnoxious one.

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