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SCS Forum Rules to Read and Live By

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Guidelines for posting in the SCS subforum.

Forum Rules:

  • Do not create any new topics.  If you would like a new topic please PM the mod team named below.
  • Off-topic posts will be removed without warning. Continuing to post off topic posts may result in a warning. 
  • All decisions are at the discretion of the moderation team.
  • We do not discuss or debate moderator actions in the forums. Any questions should be sent via PM to the forum moderator.
  • Discussion of the hosts' minor children is not permitted.  If adult children have appeared on the show, they can be discussed.  
  • Discussion of forums on other websites is not allowed (such as the QVC forums).
  • Lisa Robertson, her fans, and anything related are not permitted to be discussed anywhere on this forum. Any mentions or references will be removed and subject to moderator actions.  This includes discussing her by calling her "she who should not be named" or other euphemisms. 

The Primetimer Golden Rule is Be Civil (or Be Gone): this rule applies to your fellow members.  It does not apply to those on TV.  Folks are free to say whatever they like - and however they'd like to say it - about anybody on TV as long as it does not violate site rules. This all means that you should treat other posters with the same respect you expect by:

  • Keeping snide and snippy posts to yourself -- Tone is important too. This includes passive-aggressive jabs; mocking the opinions of others in any form, whether written or by using gifs/pics; and ganging up to shout down others.
  • Using the report button appropriately -- If you see a post that you believe violates forums guidelines do not respond, use the report button (flag icon); that brings those posts to the attention of the entire mod team.
  • Not attempting to be a 'backseat mod' -- Do not tell other posters what they can or can't post, where they can or can't post, mod actions, etc. Instead, use the report button or PM the forum mod(s).
  • Handling disagreement with civility -- Opposing views aren't personal attacks, stating your own opinion is fine; trying to change/belittle/mock the opinions of others who disagree is not and breaches our golden rule.

If someone isn't breaking the rules, but you find their posts irritating, we strongly advise that you avail yourself of the bestest tool ever in 4 easy steps, The Ignore Function:

  1. Hover your mouse over the person's avatar/name.
  2. A pop up of their mini profile appears > click 'ignore user'.
  3. Click the check boxes to select what to ignore.
  4. Click 'Update' > done!

Thanks for your cooperation, your lead forum mod: @PrincessPurrsALot

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Posts that will not be tolerated are those including:

  • Racist language and broad statements based on a person's race, perceived race, ethnicity, or perceived ethnicity.  
    • Comparing persons to animals in ways that have been used against members of particular races or ethnicities
    • Comments on appearance that are linked to negative stereotypes about particular races or ethnicities
    • Broad statements that imply that persons with particular physical characteristics related to race or ethnicity are somehow inferior, untrustworthy, or other negative attributes.  This includes comments on skin tone, hair type, facial features, and body types
  • Extreme body shaming
    • It is okay to say that an article of clothing, hairstyle, makeup choices, etc. are unflattering; e.g., those capris are a bad length on her; they make her legs look really short 
    • It okay to comment on someone's body type as long as that comment is not used to make negative comments about all persons with that body type; for example, "with her ugly, stumpy legs, they shouldn't film her below the waist" is not allowed
    • It is not okay to use terms and phrases that are used to insult larger or thinner persons.  This includes referring to larger persons as animals such as pigs and hippos purely for the purpose of shaming them for their size or using schoolyard insults that many folks have heard throughout their lives. 
    • Similarly, unless someone has explicitly stated that they are bulimic or anorexic, do not imply that they are. 
    • Remember that the use of such phrases and insults has collateral damage to your fellow posters.  There are plenty of things to say about the folks on shopping channel shows without resorting to these insults. 
  • Extreme misogyny and highly gendered insults
    • Referring to female hosts as skanks, whores, sluts, hags, heifers, etc. is not allowed
    • Tone and intent matter.  A mild off hand comment is okay.  If the only purpose of the post is to attack someone in a highly misogynist way, that is a major no go. 
  • Homophobia, transphobia and other posts aimed at mocking LGBTQ persons
    • Do not refer to anyone by using incorrect pronouns as a way of mocking them
    • Do not refer to any women as looking like a man in a dress; this statement has history as a way of harming non-gender conforming and transgender persons

Questions?  PM @PrincessPurrsALot using the envelope icon in the upper right of your screen.  

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When posting screen shots of social media, do not include the names of posters on other sites; they have not agreed to be featured on  Primetimer.  Also, your posts and onsite discussion should focus on the social media comments made by the SCS hosts, not the posters on those sites.  

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