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Forever Summer Hamptons

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Hated it but loved it, like a junior varsity Summer House or East Coast based The Hills. 

Find it odd that no one from the cast besides Ilan is promoting the show on social media. 

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On 8/5/2022 at 4:43 PM, EtheltoTillie said:

I posted earlier, but I think the thread got changed.  This is so low rent and awful I can't keep watching, even though I know all the places it shows.  I even have a house nearby.  It's like a bad Jersey Shore.

So weird, I started a thread for this but that’s gone.. I posted there too.

This show was ridiculous.  I can’t tell if it’s real  or scripted.  I know they are all real people, but was the drama scripted?

Did Ilan’s grandma say she was in the Senate?

I need more people to watch this so-bad-it’s-good show.  I don’t know if anyone knows it exists!

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This show didn't get much exposure.  I did see one of the entertainment shows talking about it.  But they were just laughing at Ilan's pasta at the beach.  That was so gross when he was eating and spitting it back in the bowl.  Eww.

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I watched it and swear that I looked for a thread to comment and didn't see one. Already forgot much of the show & cast, wasn't that impressed.

It appeared that many were meeting for the first time. I did like Avery, Hab, Milo & Juliet. Reid was the absolute worst. Yes, I had to consult the cast list to remember names.

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This show was so God awful that I need more!  Why are they such a homely crew?  Why did I need to be shown so many butts that didn't need to see daylight, ever?  The two girls from the B team from the city were hard to digest in both looks and personality.  I hated Ilan (didn't we all know this guy in college?) but I felt for him when the girl got her boyfriend all riled up to pummel him.  So unnecessary. 

Were Avery and Emelye even friends?  Avery's constant talking down to Emelye (who just stays in this pitiful town and doesn't go to college....blah blah blah) was very insulting.  Yet Emelye never really responded to it.   Hunter was so bad he was good.  

I felt like they were always alluding to how unattractive Frankie was (like he was so beneath Avery) but I thought he was a cutie and probably the best looking of the guys.  Avery was in no way shape or form a dating match for him. 

Habs was so over the top adorable.  I hope he's living his best life at college. 

Ilan's Mom was clearly angling for some sort of family spin-off.  No interest. 

Ilan talked so fast he needed subtitles.  Could have cared less about his interest in that wannabe singer.  Boring.  

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I was home sick today and binged the whole series. Wow…that’s a thing that happened.

My first thought was that Ilian did something to piss off producers because they seemed determined to push a “somebody punches Ilian in the face” storyline. Because other then that it seems like people wanted to murder him over not much at all. I get that he’s douchey. But everyone on this show is. is he really a bigger douche than anyone else? 

Speaking of the punching narrative, Hunter/Emily and Todd/Lottie all give off some very troubling vibes. Those do not seem like healthy relationships.

How old is Juliet’s dad? Her and her brother kept implying that he was really, really old. At first I just thought it was young people math and he’s actually like 55 or something. Then they were  talking about him using segregated water fountains which i think should put him at older then that. Or maybe not? Would there still have been segregated water fountains places in the 1970s?

I just wasn’t getting the whole backstory there. Was it that the boyfriend wasn’t allowed to sleep over or that he isn’t allowed in the house at all? 

I had a lot of questions about Emily’s family too. I was not expecting that house. It seemed like they were pretty rich. That was not exactly the vibe Emily gave off.

so many questions for such a terrible show. I hope it gets a season2!

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