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S03.E03: The 83rd Annual Villy Awards

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After receiving a "Best Couple" nomination at the 83rd Annual Villy Awards, Ivy finds herself seated next to her ex's new girlfriend while Harley goes overboard to ensure their win.


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Looks like the Thomas Wayne biopic wasn't a throwaway joke. And that was Billy Bob Thornton playing him? I mean, before he got mauled by the tiger. I haven't thought of him in ages. Here's hoping he has fun voicing Clayface posing as him.

Aw, Kite-Man rebounded nicely. My concern was that he'd become a woman-hater after Ivy left him for Harley. Nope . . . he found someone new is a second-string Flash villain. Bright side: in the comics, Golden Glider was the younger sister of Captain Cold, so maybe he'll drop by this season.

The Villies are held in Crime Alley, and Catwoman won the Joe Chill Award. So freaking wrong, you guys. While that version of her isn't as memorable as recent iterations, I did like her dissing the crowd for not recognizing black people. And yes, Black Manta is black. If you never saw Aquaman, that would come as a surprise, especially since he never takes that weird helmet off.

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I think Joker planned from the beginning to make up his own result. And by choosing Harley, he gets to make a public show of how he's so cool he's just happily moving on from her. Also, he really hates Riddler.

I think out of existing Gotham villains, Clock King is a pretty good fit for Riddler. Both are very smart but very OCD about the exact precision of their crime details. I can't see him being happy with somebody as disorganized as, for example, Bane. Although their bickering would be hilarious.

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I loved the idea of the "83rd Annual Villy" awards from the second I saw the episode description. In this version of Gotham, the Villains are simply part of everyday, normal life. They're organized and accepted.

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Weirdly, I can totally see Riddler and Clock King working as a couple. They're deals are both about being obsessively meticulous. 

The Villey awards being held in crime alley, complete with the Joker doing a big song and dance featuring him beating Robin to death is so wrong, its right. I love when the villains all get together, its so fun seeing all of the obscure bad guys, usually in the background. One of my favorite things about this show is its DC deep cuts, that and how much fun it has with how mundane things like supervillains are in the DC universe, especially in Gotham. 

Glad that Kite-Man is doing alright and has a new girlfriend. Hell yeah.

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On 8/3/2022 at 1:00 PM, tennisgurl said:

The Villey awards being held in crime alley, complete with the Joker doing a big song and dance featuring him beating Robin to death is so wrong,

I don't think that's the most "out of pocket" bit about Crime Alley. Near the end of their latest season, Robot Chicken end an episode with this sketch. I'm spoiler-izing it because I think it's best not knowing that it's coming.


Basically, it's Bruce Wayne visiting Crime Alley on the anniversary of his parents' deaths, only to find that it's become a sleazy tourist trap complete with an audio-animatronic play with the Waynes and Joe Chill. It was horrible. "Bruce" kept pissing himself drenching spectators wearing rain coats like they were at a Gallagher show. Also, one spectator snapped up a few pearls after "Martha" got shot.

I've been trying to find the clip, but it's not up anywhere that's easily found.

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