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Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup Season 4 Live Chat!

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I suspect that this will end at 11 and we’ll get a preview of Love During Lockup.

Amber working hard to secure another season. And color me cynical but I don’t think Amber was in that much danger from the pregnancy.

1 minute ago, Gobi said:

The ankle bracelets are off!

Off tether!

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11 minutes ago, Pepper Mostly said:

Dear gawd, how much longer is this tortuous slog? I got my flu shot and the new Covid booster a few days ago and I've been sick-ish since. I'm fading fast. I need relief. 

Feel better! I just had that combo and it knocked me flat on my ass for two days.

Momma Daonte take the wheel!!!

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I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you even after you choked me.

girl has no self esteem or self respect.

Are they really gonna end on Marc and Britt? You don’t know your audience, Sharp...

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I'm sooo happy Mother Daonte  is in this show!

I cannot with Amber AND Pupster anymore.  Too much bullshit.

This has been fun tonight y'all!!  I'm out.  Got my flu shot today and I'm about to go lay down and sleep.

Until next time!

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3 minutes ago, Ladystardust said:

80% less pregnancies next season, please.

And zero social commentary on reproductive choice and the tragedy of parental incarceration, please. Let’s keep this trashy and fun, Sharp…

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6 minutes ago, Auntie Anxiety said:

@Floatingbison can help us out with that.

Is Brittany acting as real estate agent for her own house?

That’s right, Brittany. Take the kids away from their father.

Warrants don't expire.  They can be quashed by a judge, and even then the person is at risk of arrest until the order quashing the warrant is entered into the system, which can take hours or even days or weeks in smaller jurisdictions.

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