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Amber: You do not need to justify anything about this situation to anyone. This is your life.

It's too bad that TC wasn't there to support her.

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When TayLer let Chance The Ripper move Bobbie out to the garden shed, you could tell she was past the point where Bobbie could do anything meaningful to influence her.

Go to Tucson, Bobbie; save yourself.

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They will be great parents.  They stepped outside the baby's room before having a screaming argument. I feel for that child.

And yes, Sara, nothing clicks with Shawn ever.  Have you met Shawn?  Have you not realized he's an idiot?  We all have. 

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"Don't answer the phone."

"I'm not to answer the phone except to tell her not to call."

"No, don't answer the phone at all."

"Right, I'm not to answer the phone unless she calls, so I can tell her not to call."

"No, don't answer the fucking phone!"

"Got you. I won't answer the phone when I'm fucking."


"Never fuck?"

"I'm outta here!"

"Who's going to answer the phone?"

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I thought Brittany cussed a lot but Sarah has her beat.

What a potty mouth.  And I've been known to let a few choice words fly so I'm no prude. I hate it when people refer to "our  #@$#*** child". Please don't curse the children 

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