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The Resort

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Someone either here or on Reddit put this in a list for things to watch after OMITB. Glad I checked in today since the finale is coming up. I'm enjoying it, but glad I glanced through this forum a bit before getting too invested in the mystery. IMO Time Travel is either very good or very bad (I am not a huge fan of sci-fi, so that is just a personal preference] so I at least know not to go too crazy with the details.

Haven't read too much about the series in general. Id there a season two pick up already?

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I really hate it in movies when one character whispers something or gives someone a note, but they don't let the audience hear or see what is said. So I hated this ending. 

I liked the nod to how much technology has changed in 15 years when  Sam couldn't figure out how to use a smart phone. I remember getting confused about what to do the first time I used a tablet.  Also, Nick Offerman is amazing and I loved his stories of how he spent the past 15 years as well as how bad his Spanish still was. 

So does Sam have memory leakage and will ultimately go insane? Or does he just have an itchy ear after floating in a pool of glowing slime for 15 years? Sam's parents don't show up in the finale. The married couple with the same first names I can't remember don't show up. Alex doesn't show up. What was the point? Most of the episode was spent crawling through a tunnel and getting stuck. 

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S01•E08 - The Disillusionment of Time

This show starts with a murder mystery and ends with magic realism. The finale is filled with many emotions but the way they bring Pasaje to life is quite meh. It isn’t magical, so disappointing.

Glad to see Sam and Violet are still alive, it’s predictable.

Baltasar and the yellow snake are a little on the nose, confronting his past and the burden for being a Frias. The resort detective is now ready to move on!

With Sam’s itchy ear and possibly memory leaking, Baltasar knows that Alex found the Pasaje years ago. I still think the mutilated body found on the beach after the hurricane was Alex. I just don’t understand how Alex could’ve painted Emma & Noah, and how he managed to plant the phones for them to find. No explanation.

Till the end, am still not interested in Emma/Noah arc. Trauma wise, they remind me of Alison/Cole from The Affair.

I only watch this show because of Luis Gerardo Méndez. Will I rewatch? Nope.

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This ended up being a big dud for me. The mystery wasn't that interesting, the resolution wasn't interesting, most of the characters weren't interesting. It felt like a M. Night Shyamalan movie without a twist ending.

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On 9/1/2022 at 5:12 PM, SnazzyDaisy said:

don’t understand how Alex could’ve painted Emma & Noah, and how he managed to plant the phones for them to find. No explanation.

I only watch this show because of Luis Gerardo Méndez. Will I rewatch? Nope.

 From an interview with the writer:

For example, how Alex knew in Episode 5 to leave the phones there, and how his whole thing works. I can pretty confidently say it is all in there, if people want to just go look for it. I don’t show like the flashback to explain anything with that, but it’s definitely all in there. And I think any of the other little mysteries that pop up that might seem unanswered, they’re definitely peppered in there, in a way that [I like], speaking solely as a viewer, [in the vein of] the things that I liked growing up. Any kind of show or movie that makes me want to watch it again, knowing that I have to watch it again in order to kind of crack it, that’s what I live for as an audience member. So, there are elements of all that within this, for sure.

Like you, I have no interest in going back and watching the whole thing to figure it out.

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One more quote from the creator regarding Alex, the cell phones, and time travel. Emma's line sums it up: It all kind of seems like a bunch of bullshit. Actually when she said that line in the finale, I thought something major was going to happen, but no, that was it. 

“I like the idea that people can have their own interpretation of it for sure,” Siara said of the supernatural elements. “But to me there’s really just one answer. And that is I think if you were to look at the painting, and that moment on the beach where Alex sees something, and we go into that wide shot. If you were to look at that wide shot, and then pick out a couple lines that he says along the way throughout Episodes 4 and 5, I think it kind of says exactly what’s going on.”

“It’s how he perceives time. There are glimpses that he gets,” Siara clarified. “For example, that shot at the beach [in Episode 4], there’s the meteor, but if you were to look down the beach, you see some dinosaurs. And in the front of the frame, you see some dinosaurs. And if you look on the right of the frame and look at the hotel, it’s the abandoned hotel, it’s the hotel in 2022. The asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs hit that spot of the Yucatán [Peninsula in Mexico] 65 million years ago or so. And so in this single moment, there’s 65 million years ago on the left side of the frame to 15 years into the future on the right side of the frame, and in the center is Alex and his team in 2005.”

Basically, Alex doesn’t necessarily time travel. Rather, he doesn’t experience time linearly. He sees things from the past, present, and future happening all at once.

“For everything at the end of Episode 5, there are intentionally scenes and things that aren’t being shown there that Alex is seeing through pretty much the final 10 minutes of the episode,” Siara said, “Which is what gets him to go into the jungle and leave the phones where they are.”

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18 hours ago, Faceplant said:

Basically, Alex doesn’t necessarily time travel. Rather, he doesn’t experience time linearly. He sees things from the past, present, and future happening all at once.

This was sort of where my mind was going.  There's a scene where Alex was randomly hit by a golf ball at the resort; he and Baltasar look around and one of them asks where it came from.  In the prior scene or episode - I don't remember which, since I binged - we had seen Noah randomly hitting golf balls in the destroyed resort.  That got my attention, that things were happening either outside or around time; some kind of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff.

I basically enjoyed this.  Though Emma was incredibly annoying a good part of the time, the issues with the marriage and their disagreements felt real and I did believe they loved each other.  It's a huge thing when Noah offers and then actually helps Emma climb into the cave (where she later gets stuck).   He really had to trust her there and not flip into the over protective mode she had told him about earlier; though actually in that situation it (normally) would have been warranted. 

Some parts were LOL funny - when Noah and Emma are misinterpreting the texts in the beginning, for instance.   Sam and Violet were cute in that young love way; when they couldn't figure out how to comfortably have sex on a tarp on the ground; awkward and funny. 

I think the writer got caught in a couple of different issues - having the troubled couple work on an old mystery while at a vacation resort is intriguing but if you want light hearted and comedy, then you can't have the kids be dead or captive; can't give them overly traumatic home lives so that they would disappear intentionally.  You want something shiny, hopeful and fun.  You want the troubled couple to resolve their issues. 

We don't see Sam reunited with his family (complicated!) only that they hung up on him (haha, funny!)  Violet gets reunited with her dad but he had a funny story of what he'd been up to (actually it was dull for me, I didn't care) but that was the point.  Wacky!  Etc.

So we get magical pool of water that they floated in for 15 years, though it only felt like 5 minutes.  It just wrapped up too quickly because it didn't seem like the idea was fully formed.  Also, I didn't care about Alex, who seemed like a waste of time , though the time traveling painting was cool.  I would rather everything have been tied to Violet's book or something.  Instead we had Alex AND the book's author, neither of which was strictly needed and both - meh.

HOWEVER we did have Baltasar, who was awesome and fabulous and I would absolutely watch a detective show about him, especially if Luna were included.  Their interactions were my favorite.   I loved when Noan and Emma find each other in the jungle and then here's a helicopter!  With Baltasar! and Luna!  and the couple!  I thought that was great.

So my verdict is mostly good stuff, petered out at the end.  I doubt I would have stuck with it week to week, but it was very bingeable.

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This is a show with an excellent setup but couldn't pull off the ending. It wasn't bad; it was...fine. Not a lot of new information and the episode dragged out what it did show.

I'm glad both Violet and Sam are okay and Emma seems like she's finally healing.

Nick Offerman was amazing in everything he was in, but Balthazar was the star for me. The guy that played Alex was pretty excellent too.

What DID get me was Offerman's cry when he saw Violet was alive. It was gutteral and pure, and I felt it in my bones. Hell, I'm tearing up now just thinking about it. By far, the best part of the episode.

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On 8/30/2022 at 8:51 AM, Catfi9ht said:

Other than The Resort, here are my favorites. 

  • The Amber Ruffin Show
  • Rutherford Falls
  • We are Lady Parts
  • Killing It
  • Psych 2 and 3 (If you watched Psych the tv show. If not, watch that first.)

May I add The Capture S1 & 2 and The Undeclared War?

Great British shows about the misuse of modern day technology and the government!

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I just started watching watching because I recently got Peacock and remembered that this was one that sounded interesting. So I haven’t read all the comments yet, but there was one line early in ep2 that made me literally LOL in an obscure x- degrees-of-separation way. The WJH character talked about someone he knew who did something stupid or risky, “and he died!”  Meanwhile, another star is Becky Ann Baker, who played the mom in Freaks and Geeks. (How is she still basically the same age a quarter century later?) But her husband’s signature story was talking to his teens about people who did stupid or risky things, “and they died!

So apologies if someone already mentioned this, but that seems kin of unlikely.

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WJH , not SJH, because William Jackson Harper is not Samuel Jackson.
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