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S03.E02: The Price of Work

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The group seeks sanctuary in the mysterious Cession. The Unit learns the Camarilla is directly targeting the Mycelium, inspiring them to strike back. Petra and Anacostia work to determine President Wade’s allegiance.

Original air date: June 28, 2022.

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I don't trust Khalida somehow. I don't think she's really sold on the idea of letting the outsiders into her world and Abigail should be careful.

Did we know about the Marshalls before? 

I really, really hope the whole Hearst thing doesn't become the "we can kill the bad guy but we let him escape for some reason 189898 times" stuff that ruins so many shows. 

I'm glad M is getting a bigger role this season. There are so many interesting characters on this show. 

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Khalida clearly knows whatever "the union of the the sky and earth" really means. The women in this world are the leaders, and Adil has almost always deferred to Khalida. It's gonna be a baby, right? That's why they had Khalida trip and have Abigail save her, then they had their family hug. And when Abigail was talking about the division in their unit, Adil's comforting, saying the three of them are family now. Ugh, show don't be so lame.

9 hours ago, Joana said:

I don't trust Khalida somehow. I don't think she's really sold on the idea of letting the outsiders into her world and Abigail should be careful.

She's gonna want this baby, isn't she? She's the eldest of their clan, Abigail is not part of it, and even if Abigail became part of it through Adil, Khalida will be the only one who can teach the baby to use all of it's powers. I really really don't want the finale to be about everyone fighting over a future baby.

I really enjoyed the episode, but it did feel a lot slower than the opener. Partially because I knew Herst would get away. I actually had a problem with him being in the Cession in the first place because 1) if he can get in there, why are the Camarilla not staked out all over to catch Abigail? They knew she would have to pass through it/ Raelle's ties to the Cession. 2) Again I know there's dodgers, Spree, and apparently undercover Camarilla in the Cession, but he had been in Iran not that long before the scene. Why would he personally be seeing to the "poison" and not making sure the larger sites were getting the right drill bits?

Also, there was no way they were going to kill Hearst off without the unit having some kind of discussion/fight about it- so that whole Nicta taking down the chopper thing was in no way suspenseful when it was clear they wanted to highlight Abigail and Adil's moment where they thought they figured out what "the union" meant. Otherwise, Abigail would have been pissed off at Nicta for taking down the chopper. Abigail doesn't get to have two moments in an episode *rolls eyes*. And, once Raelle got sucked in the ground/to the Mycelium, you knew the group wasn't gonna leave the area any time soon. Total moment killers.

Like I said last week, I could care less what's going on with Tally. And her blurting out that she saw Nicta's face, is not convincing me that Tally is running a long con on Nicta. I really should have watched season 2 again, because I could have sworn at the end of it, that the Hearst guy had called the VP "president". And since we didn't see the president coming out with statements in the opener, I really thought they had just replaced the president with the VP, and that the VP was gonna blame the witches when everyone wondered where she was. (Why did they not do this? Outrage over killing the president would have mattered more than his daughter. Or like would have compounded the anger the people had about their daughters. And it would make more sense for the Camarilla to have access to the Cession if they had.) Like where was she last week when her VP was out turning an entire nation on 3 girls? That seems like something kind of big thing to miss, especially for an opener when the show should be establishing all the factions for us.

I really liked everyone else though. Like Joana said, I'm glad M is getting a bigger role, hopefully they will survive the season. I have no idea why we're still testing the poisoned storm cloud that is over Fort Salem. It's poison, we know. Not too sure why it's not killing the witches every time it rains, when they had to run from the dust version of it last season. But eh, I'm looking forward to finding out why that's important. Random guess: the witches will find a way to seed the clouds themselves because of it, and put the Mycelium in a storm cloud so they can all get their powers back/save what's left of the Mycelium. Also, glad that we're gonna get more of Raelle's mom/the Mycelium.

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After the Storm:

I hadn't realized that Taylor's car accident was bad enough to sideline her for several episodes. I'm glad she was okay. This is a pretty emotional interview.

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Thanks for after vid again Cranberry.

I had no idea she had been in an accident, props to the writers and everyone for being so accommodating. I genuinely thought the mycellium was just trying to heal itself, so I am going to be a little less judgmental when it comes to that storyline.  I mean I wasn't planning on being too critical of the plotlines, since the show would have to change/combine whatever story ideas there were because of getting cancelled; but yeah, knowing that they had to re-work Raelle's storyline for multiple episodes- I really won't be looking for greatly thought out tie-ins. As long as it makes sense, I'm good.

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