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Trigger Point

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Trigger Point is a six 60-minute episode drama series with all the episodes airing on Peacock at the same time on July 8. Trigger Point has already aired in the UK on ITV in January of 2022 and has been renewed for a Season 2.

Trigger Point focuses on two frontline officers in the Metropolitan Police Bomb Disposal Squad who must risk their lives during a terrorist campaign in the heart of London. This counter terrorism policing unit does the terrifying work of keeping London safe. Explore the high-pressured world of bomb disposal and meet the "expo" officers who must risk their lives to prevent bombings before fatalities can escalate.
Vicky McClure plays Lana Washington, a front line officer, who is an experienced bomb disposal operative. Reckless and out of control, Lana is ex-military and pushed to breaking point dealing with a series of improvised explosive devices which threaten the capital during a terrorist summer campaign.  Under extreme pressure and searching for answers, Lana can’t help but become suspicious that the bomber is premeditatedly targeting her unit.  It’s a terrifying thought, but against all odds how does she prove it and discover the bomber’s real identity?

Adrian Lester plays Joel Nutkins, bomb disposal expert

Mark Stanley plays DI Thom Youngblood

Warren Brown plays Karl Maguire

Kerry Godliman plays Sonya Reeves

Cal MacAninch plays Inspector Lee Robins

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Trigger Point     July 8       Peacock  

Episodes 1-6       Titles and Descriptions


S01.E01: Episode 1
Bomb disposal officers Lana Washington and Joel Nutkins are called out to a Met counter-terrorism operation at a London housing estate.

When terrorists target a high-rise, Lana and Joel must try to save as many people as possible

S01.E02: Episode 2
Far-right group English Flag take to the streets to blame Islamists for the attack.

As the bombing campaign intensifies in London, Lana must find who is behind the terrifying attacks.
S01.E03: Episode 3
Lana struggles to cope with the dangers of her job, but finds support in her relationship with Karl. After a terror group claims responsibility for the mosque attack, the bombing campaign intensifies with an attack on an LGBT target.

Lana copes with the dangers of her job and finds support in her budding relationship with Karl.

S01.E04: Episode 4

Following the murder of a Counter Terrorism officer, Lana Washington and the EXPO team race against time to stop the bombers before they strike again.

Lana works with the New Scotland Yard to find the Crusaders before they carry out another attack.
S01.E05: Episode 5

Lana struggles to come to terms with her personal loss and her failure to prevent the explosion. Meanwhile, Counter Terrorism officers identify the bomber and launch a manhunt.

Lana blames herself for the devastating loss; when the bomber is identified, Lana tracks him down.

S01.E06: Episode 6

(Season Finale)    

A desperate manhunt for the mastermind behind the bombing campaign plunges Lana Washington's EXPO team into ultimate danger.

The manhunt for the bombing campaign's mastermind puts Lana's EXPO team in extreme danger. 

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Just finished a binge of this show. I thought it was pretty good - despite all of the commercials on Peacock which really broke up the tension. It was relatively easy to figure out the villain but I liked Vicky McClure in this role and am looking forward to Season 2. 

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I was looking forward to this because I love Mark Stanley and Warren Brown, but overall I found it disappointing.

My limited bomb knowledge comes from Flashpoint (Canadian series) and Rush (Australian series), both of which focused on tactical response teams rather than specifically bomb disposal, but even I knew you never touch a light switch... Having Lana, supposedly a veteran expert, do this within the first fifteen minutes of the pilot, didn't really give me a lot of confidence...

All the bomb storylines seemed  solely based on plot efficacy and convenience rather than any sense of believability. I mean, I know it's TV, but this was really over the top.

I did find it oddly cathartic to watch Billy blow up, based solely on what an enormous a-hole the actor's character is on World on Fire.

Overall I think my biggest issue was the Lana/ Thom relationship, though. I did not understand what either of them saw in each other... all of Thom's interactions with her were either awkwardly trying to help her through her grief by moving way too fast (the "I love you"'s and wanting her to move in with him) or being a condescending jerk to her at work (like, repeatedly... ugh). They had no chemistry together whatsoever, and I just didn't see the point. Lana could have wanted to take things slow with Karl even if she wasn't in a relationship, considering all of her personal and work turmoil... was the cheating aspect really necessary? If they really thought it was, they could have easily made Thom a rounder character and given us a glimpse of why Lana liked him in the first place.

I liked Danny, Sonya, and DI Desai. but I don't know if that would be enough to bring me back for season 2.

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The filming has started for the 6 episode second series of Trigger Point. 

Lana is just back from secondment training Ukrainian bomb disposal teams, but has not returned to active duty. She is giving a routine talk to security officers from major financial institutions about the issues surrounding bomb centred terrorism, when there is a bomb attack in the heart of the city. Lana is closest to the incident, but is she ready to take it on?

Vicky McClure as Lana ‘Wash’ Washington
Nabil Elouahabi as Hass
Eric Shango as Danny
Mark Stanley as DI Thom Youngblood
Kerry Godliman as Sonya Reeves
Kris Hitchen as John
Kevin Eldon as Jeff
Natalie Simpson as DS Helen Morgan
Julian Ovenden as Commander John Francis
Tomiwa Edun as Alex 

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On 8/31/2022 at 12:17 PM, dargosmydaddy said:

I did find it oddly cathartic to watch Billy blow up, based solely on what an enormous a-hole the actor's character is on World on Fire.

Ewan Mitchell was the only reason I watched this show.  For me, he really sold Billy's terror at the end.  Lana should've stayed by the car until the clock finished the countdown if she wanted him to stay calm, so yeah, his death was at least partly on her and she should've been feeling guilty about it.

I could easily have stopped watching at that point, although I didn't because I wanted to see if I was correct about the bomber.  I was.

The only other character I even vaguely cared about was Adrian Lester's, so needless to say, won't be bothering with season 2.

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