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At one point I hoped there'd be a Current Affairs forum, but I think it was decided that this forum covered that well enough.  But rather than bank on separate topics getting attention, I figure maybe a single "what's topical now/news" topic might suffice to start.


For example... the disgrace that is Ferguson, MO.  Every side is coming off looking scary and bent out of recognizable shape as something happening in modern America.  But the undercurrents of what's happening both with the authoritarian response, and well as the very virulent rioting and civil responses has been chugging along ready to pop for quite a while.  Nobody here has a white hat. Anonymous, for example, tries to stick their nose in and almost gets a totally uninvolved dispatcher killed after wrongly identifying him as the unidentified cop.  The state look like fools, the rioters like they're making the authorities claimed fears into self-fulfilling prophesies, and it just keeps getting worse and worse.


Or talk about something else.  Consider this an open topic, as long as we stick to reasonable rules of decorum and mutual respect.  If not?  I'm sure that Report A Post button could get a workout (on the other hand we might get some informative nice talk in instead).

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No, sorry, I do not want to do current events/news on this site, whether a full forum which we already struck down, nor a topic. It always ends in tears and sucks moderation resources like nobody's business.

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