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S18.E10: Dark Waters

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I am getting whiplash effects from the now love between Hillstrand and the CM.  I did enjoy the looks of disbelief from the CM as JH expressed his love.

The TB's luck was not so great as JH did a right thing heading for safe harbor, but then had to face fresh water.  I recall Rowdy Roddy Piper, RIP:  "Just when I finally have the answer, they ask a different question!!!!"  

Well, no more mystery about Jake A. and the Saga.   Our boy got it done.  He has always demonstrated some serious acumen while a sea.  His storytelling to Shay was a nice moment.  I just wish I didn't know that Disco pushed it and perhaps even suggested it to him.  Speaking of Shay...good on her for easily owning her shortfalls on deck.  She has the makings of a decent fisherman, but as she noted, she has some physical toughening to do.  I love her attitude.

Didja notice the tote board?  The Patty Lee had harvested over $8 million?!!!!!  If only the cannery would write a check like that for them!

I was thankful we got very limited (any?) Sig arc in this ep.     

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