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S01.E01: I / S01.E02: II

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On 6/18/2022 at 3:13 PM, MJ Frog said:

Bill Heck, who plays the young Dan Chase, has made quite a career of playing the young version of iconic actors. He also played the young Mickey, Jon Voight's character in Ray Donovan. Did a hell of a job, and I'm enjoying his work here as well. Not an easy thing to pull off, given that we have such an extensive on-screen history of these actors. And I much prefer this to the clumsiness of de-aging tech -- when passing through Imagination Land, most people are entirely capable of the leap required to reconcile the same character being played by different people at different ages.

I don’t buy him at all as a young Jeff Bridges. Disappointing casting. 

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I wanted to watch this, but waited, because I thought my dad would like it, too. He started it off, not realizing that it was a series (he won't watch most of them, except for English shows), and he didn't get past episode two. One thing he said to me, yesterday, was that this guy was supposed to be a ghost, but they found him twice, within a couple of days. 

I'll probably finish watching it. 

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