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Rap Sh!t

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I love Issa so I am totally in for this. You can definitely see Insecure in some of the dialogue and ideas,, but they seem to be going off in their own direction as well. The leads are great as well, so far so good. 

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I'm down. I know one of the leads, Shawna, from the Keep It! podcast where she regularly used to get on my nerves. I like her much better as an actress. But I think Mia's gonna be my favorite.

I barely know anything about the City Girls, so if they did draw specific stuff from their story, it was lost on me. But I liked the high school reunion aspect, and Shawna's hertep music. Other than that, it was a little too much going on; too many characters. All the different producers. Mia has friends, and her mama has friends, then it's Shawna's boyfriend in NYC and his friends. We don't need all that upfront.

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19 hours ago, luckyroll3 said:

Shawna's boyfriend is a dick! Filming their breakup on instagram live is fowl. Loved his roommate's "I'm calling yo mama" and "your mama on the phone stuttering!" 

I thought he was one of the good ones...so fine and supportive.

The moment Shawna gets a little shine, he loses his damn mind.

Good luck being a lawyer and handling that stress.

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3 hours ago, qtpye said:

The moment Shawna gets a little shine, he loses his damn mind.

This is exactly it! When he's winning and having people fawning over him everything is great, especially when Shawna is down below looking up at him admiring. 

I just know he's hooking up with Fatima(?), the other law student. The way she touched his shoulder when she showed up to dinner, twice, was waaaaaaaaaaaay too familiar. 

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On 8/16/2022 at 12:18 AM, bilgistic said:

I'm scared about what's going to happen with the recording of Shawna and her now-ex-boyfriend having sex.

Aida Osman (Shawna) is so beautiful.

Shawna took me to church when she went in on that Insta troll to defend Mia.

I am starting to like the Duke of Miami. I wasn't sure about the Duke because they acted like a pimp but it seems like they take care of their girls.

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