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S02.E18: Search and Rescue

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Cordell and James make a shocking discovery. Meanwhile, Stella and August have a traumatic afternoon and Liam takes a concern to the Davidson’s door.

Airdate: 06/09/2022

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I have to say that I kind of enjoyed this episode. With Stella and Colton spending time together and the suspense of Colton's accident being a factor in the ongoing Walker vs. Davidson storyline that has been the main plot of season 2. I could see where Dan might start having a change of heart, since he claimed he didn't have anything to do with sabotaging Cordell's saddle. However, it does feel a bit like a plot hole because Dan just rode right by when Cordell fell after he helped Dan. Then again, it could be addressed in the next episode.

In the thread for "Torn," I mentioned the part about how I hope that the friendship between Trey and Cassie won't lead into anything because I hope this isn't just some obvious replacement deal because of Micki's departure. However, I see that the two act more like friends in the platonic sense as it doesn't feel like there is any sexual or romantic tension. I felt a little bit of that with Cassie's friend towards Trey, however, but I am not sure if she is supposed to be a one-off character.

Speaking of Cassie, after seeing that ending, I wonder where this will go. With only two episodes left of this season, I have to see next week's episode and the following one.

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I enjoyed this episode and was invested throughout. Color me shocked that was Dan not only not responsible for the cut saddle, but he actually wants to help the Walkers. I'm interested to see where this is going. 

Also, Auggie is a good brother for not abandoning his sister when she didn't show up. My brothers would have abandoned me in an instant for a girl, heh. 

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1 hour ago, jewel21 said:

Color me shocked that was Dan not only not responsible for the cut saddle, but he actually wants to help the Walkers. I'm interested to see where this is going. 

It was a genuine surprise that Denise was responsible. I would have pegged Gail as the first suspect and then Dan since Denise still seemed to have some kind of feelings for Cordell, but she has been proving to be very corrupt and self-serving. After trying to railroad Bonham, it's not that big a stretch to buy her as the mastermind to utterly destroy the walkers. Looking forward to seeing her taken down. Glad that Liam was able to shake their tree enough to get some real answers.

And I totally bought Dan turning on his wife. Their marriage has been rocky and she was willing to turn suspicion on him to protect herself. He did a lot of shady things to try to win his wife's affections and at seeing how little he really meant to her... He's welcome at the bbq.

The rescue story was enjoyable and it's good to see that they figured out what to do with Trey since he's just been hanging about looking decorative. I'm glad that he's moving on from Micky and that he and Cassie are becoming friends. And of course Miles being alive was no real surprise but I'm genuinely curious to find out just what's going on with him.

Totally understandable why this was a Cordell-lite episode, but it gave everyone else a real chance to shine on their own. Next week is going to be very interesting... Hope that the Davidsons didn't throw away all their packing boxes.

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I think I enjoyed this episode because I know that I'm in my "Farewell to Walker" tour!  With Twyla probably not coming back, there just aren't enough interesting characters to keep me invested in this show.  Although I wouldn't mind seeing Cassie and Trey as a couple, I think it would be lazy writing on the show's part.   

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