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[NOT A BUG] Emojis not lining up

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Not sure this is a bug, or a What You See Is What You Get.

But I've noticed when there are multiple reactions chosen, and I haven't made my choice (if I choose to make one), the emojis line up almost like Brady Bunch squares. But if I do react, then they all line up on the same "line" or row. See below:


Only on PC/Laptop: Windows 10/11, Google Chrome. They line up in a single row on my phone.


Don't know why images show up twice when I only hit copy and paste ONCE!

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Probably just a quirk when they are loading in + what the screen size (horizontal) is. There are often layers of details that show/not show depending upon how much room there is - and then on top of that as that amount changes those layers of detail can alter again and again.

In the NEW theme coming they will look like this desktop:


and mobile (phone):


with your reaction (if one chose) taking the right heart spot as usual.

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