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Mozzie: Lovable Sidekick / Criminal Mastermind / Mensch

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I'm frankly shocked he survived the last season.

My surprise was that Rachel chose to poison Mozzie with the one plant in that garden that actually has a known antidote (belladonna) instead of the one that would rather assuredly kill him (castor bean). Did she actually care for Neal (and thus Mozzie), in a way?


In any event, Mozzie does seem to have a lot of street-smarts, and I wouldn't mind learning some from him.

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Never liked Mozzie, and I think the show missed the boat in making him a much more sinister character. I don't think the actor could pull off making Mozzie truly warm and human and likeable-which is something Matt B could do with Neal. I always felt Mozzie's "friendship" with Neal was conditional on how Neal acted, whether Neal was in on the next con or not. I also always felt that in the end, if it were a choice between saving his own butt, and saving Neal's, he'd choose himself. In fact, didn't he prove this during the course of the series(though I am at a loss without rewatching, as to what particular plot/episodes I am remembering).

Just felt he would have been better as the frenemy type, someone you might respect and even admire, but you never turn your back on. I realize he was that way with Peter-I always felt he should have been that way with Neal, too.

Goes without saying that I never saw him as a true friend, either. Had Neal once and for all completely ever given up the conning, I think Mozzie might have written him off.

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I feel different, I always loved Mozzie and Neal on this show. And I liked Mozzie's character quite a bit, he may be my favorite one of all.

Plus I don't think Neal could ever completely give up conning, in some fashion.

I think they are about as close as two con men can be. Its not really a "profression" ripe for making trusting friends. Even the women Neal fell for over the years, he never completely trusted them. Nor should he have.

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