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S11.E12: Top 8 Perform + Elimination

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Holy crap, Twitch.  And Comfort.  And the guest dance crew.  They were actually worth the price of admission.


After high hopes for the season, I give up.  Aside from the above, it was not a good night.  And ... I hate to say it, because I don't vote, so I can't cast stones, but I really thought Tanisha would be safe.  What a shame.  She deserved to be the last girl standing.


I had a problem with every duet last night: no chemistry!  The only pair that semi-sparkled for me was Valerie and Ryan, and that was because of Valerie.  I haven't enjoyed her much this season but I enjoyed her joy in the samba.  Ryan presented her beautifully and is able to stay completely in the background.  (My problem with him as a contestant was that I didn't think he had star power, but he is a great partner as an all-star.)


Ricky and Jaimie left me cold.  It was lovely, but Travis highlighted her throughout.  I have always respected Jaimie, but I have never connected with her.  I thought Travis did Ricky a huge disservice by hiding him and giving him very repetitive moves.  Boo, Travis.


Casey is a cutie-patootie and I enjoyed his solo.  But freaking Comfort.  She could have been dancing with a gerbil and I wouldn't have thought any more about it than I did him.  (Not even to say: whoah, there's a dancing gerbil on stage!)  Couldn't keep my eyes off of her.  Having said that, I'm glad Casey is safe for one more week.


I've always liked Nick L's dancing and was glad to see him, even if his turns weren't as perfect as I remembered them to be.  But: no chemistry with Tanisha.  It's a shame.  I think I could have liked the routine a lot.  Congrats on the pregnancy, Stacey Tookey.


Allison, who I basically adore, overdid it, I thought.  And Rudy shouldn't have been with her.  Man.  I don't think I have ever said one negative thing about Allison.  She's still incredible, though, and that twist lift thing was pretty spectacular looking.


Zack broke the trend and outdanced Mackenzie, imo.  I was looking forward to Mackenzie (even though it makes me wonder how they choose "all-stars") and I was psyched to hear they had Spencer Liff.  But that might be my least favorite routine from him ever.  And Mackenzie should shoot costuming.  Awful.  How could a department that got the 40's pinup girl look so very right a couple of weeks ago, go so very wrong this week?  Pfft.


Twitch.  And some noodle.  Twitch.  I continue in my belief that Jacque should not be there.


Jessica and WIll.  I usually like contemporary.  (ducks)  But, Will is another one who leaves me cold.  (ducks again)  I thought these two could have been dancing separately, for all the emotional connection I got from them.  It's as if you could see them both thinking.  Still, Jessica and Casey's contemporary from a few weeks ago was one of my favorites from this season, so I'm glad she is still there.



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Re: the idea of recreating iconic routines, there's simply no way the dancers could live up to the original performances. Remember when the S9 dancers had to reprise Mia Michaels routines? That didn't go over very well (I recall Chehon and Witney getting slammed with comments like "You're no Travis and Heidi"). So imagine how much worse it would be if the dancers had to play roles performed by prima ballerinas, or legends like Gene Kelly. The negative comparisons would be endless.

Another reason it wouldn't work is the time limitation. A typical pas de deux is longer than a minute and a half, and the same is true of iconic routines in musicals. If those pieces were cut down to fit SYTYCD, the magic would be lost.

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I forgot that there are S2 people as well.  The partnerships began (Benjelle phenom) and they were characters.  Didn't .they break themselves into 2 groups?  It seems like Travis' group even had a name.  Dmitry was the partner killer who kept being saved (back when Mary took up for ballroom dancers).  They also kept saving Ivan until he got a strong fanbase then he outlasted Allison.  Mary made Donyelle cry because she said she didn't belong.  Travis couldn't do ballroom until he got with Heidi.  Benji never got a contemporary routine (never would happen now).  Ryan didn't want Heidi for his partner.  And, Travis' group lifted him at the end eventhough Benji won.  Good Times!!!


I liked the early season too but S2 as a whole was not versatile.  But I see why S2 would be your favorite just like I see why some would prefer S3 or S5.

I felt they gave Benji a very hard audition. And Benji did do that beautiful contemporary like jazz routine to that India Ari song 'Wonderful' with Natalie. I loved that routine.

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