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Toonami: Anime for Insomniacs

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I'd wait until 10 or 12 before exposing him to The Big O.

It's not anime, but how about Megas XLR? Slacker boys from Jersey City fight aliens with their giant robot/custom car. An amazing parody of the genre.

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I'm a little reluctant to admit it, but I've been enjoying Dragon Ball Z Kai a lot more than I expected to. I remember being unimpressed after watching a couple of episodes from one of the previous series, but the pace and the animation seem a lot better now.

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Gundam SD is the one with the Super-Deformed mini-Gundams, right?  And they're all references to prior Gundam series?  That might be good for a 7-year old.  I didn't see too much of it myself, so I can't speak to the actual content, just the visuals.

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Did not know about this thread until I checked in on the Gurren Lagann thread. Nice to see like-minded geeks like myself in this neck of the woods.


SD Gundam was a Toonami show back in the day, and I remember it being kid-friendly. Now, The Big O? Too much higher thinking for younger minds. I can't recall anything beyond the big mecha, outrageous characters, and tomatoes. Lots of tomatoes. Oh, and one character was voiced by the VA behind Pegasus from Yu-Gi-Oh!


I'll be watching SAO II . ..  or should it be called "Gun Art Online"? Oh, and I expect far less accidental sibling lust with this version of SAO.

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I will watch SAO II also. I liked the idea and the visuals of the first one, although the what's-her-name in chains arc was pretty tough to watch without feeling like a creep myself. Hopefully S2 stays a little more on this side of the line (my opinion).

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As Lantern7 has pointed out elsewhere, Toonami will run a Kill la Kill marathon during their Memorial Day weekend slot.

I've always wondered why networks insist on celebrating holidays by screwing up their program schedules.

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Akane ga Kill will premiere on Toonami on August 20. 




I just found out about it while going through my DVR. I'm surprised because I thought Jojo's Bizarre Adventure was going to fill the slot. Maybe when Kill la Kill is wrapped up.

I checked the video in your earlier post, and found out it was an April Fools Day prank.


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I hope this isn't too off topic, but they are making a live action version of Attack On Titan and released a trailer today.



I am hoping against hope this movie finds it way over here and maybe ends up on Toonami. Disappointingly, season 2 of the show was delayed until 2016. *sigh*

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You know when Tom delivers a monologue between the show and the commercial? Well, Toonami let somebody else behind the wheel. I don't think it'll make the air, but it is pretty funny.

ETA: Quick heads up: next Saturday, Toonami will be celebrating the July 4 weekend with a DBZ marathon.

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I'm not posting in DBZK because I've already seen the episodes, and I don't need to see an abridging, especially since TeamFourStar does an ass-kicking take online. I might drop in to start threads on the movies, but that's about it.


What do people think of Parasyte? What's the hook? I don't think it'll be in the position Akame Ga Kill currently finds itself, taking the slot of something that was balls-out insane (Kill la Kill).


ETA: I was poking around the Time-Warner schedule, and I found out there's going to be a Michiko & Hatchin marathon on Labor Day weekend.

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Checking Toonami's Tumblr . . . here's a list of stuff from Dragon Con. Includes an "Intruder" miniseries, the debut of Parasyte, and the possibility that we won't have movies throughout December. Or maybe Dragonball Z Kai will remain on the schedule, and we'd get movies to fill the other three hours.


ETA: I can see Toonami running One Piece: Strong World in December. It's status quo is closer to the show's run than the more recent Z, which takes place after a timeskip.

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Parasite starts this weekend - new forum request is in the works.

I'm starting to enjoy making these up, after only seeing the teaser:

All Episodes Thread: In the Right Place, At The Right Time

Trust No One: The Character Thread

Give Me A Hand: Small Talk

Edit: that was fast, new forum is there already: http://forums.previously.tv/forum/2116-parasyte/

I saw an ad for Parasite. Looked interesting. Anyone know anything about it? Edited by Matt K
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Now that we've had a few installments of Toonami's The Intruder II serial, I'll admit to being completely unimpressed. Seems like just a way to fill time with a generic story. Mysterious alien ship...attacks for no reason...alien invades the ship...blah, blah, blah. I have to wonder why Tom has a pistol when he could have built-in weapons, what with being a robot and all.


Parasyte marathon on November 29.

DBZ Kai marathon on December 19.

One Piece marathon on December 26.

I see that there's a Toonami wiki. Not sure that it needs one, but here it is:


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Toonami is bringing Samurai Jack back. I thought their initial announcement on tumblr was about reruns, but no! Its an entire season of one best sci fi/fantasy kitchen sink shows in existence.

With the way Cartoon Network treats action adventure shows they'll pull it off the air after a few weeks and then burn off the rest of the eps early in the morning months after people quit caring.

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Its on AS/Toonami, not Cartoon Network. IIRC AS is still its own channel, they just share the same airspace on cable. AS could still pull the plug, but they've been cool with Toonami so far. The people actually working on Toonami seem to genuinely enjoy doing it, so I don't think they will yank it if it has low ratings. Plus, past precedent with Big O season 2, another show Toonami helped produced another season for, says they will air it until cows come home. 

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Toonami is bringing Samurai Jack back. I thought their initial announcement on tumblr was about reruns, but no! Its an entire season of one best sci fi/fantasy kitchen sink shows in existence.

I wonder who's going to do the voice of Aku, since Mako Iwamatsu passed away some time ago.

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I think the bumps are set up to how dire things are in "Intruder II."


ETA: Just saw a promo for Samurai Champloo. It aired years ago, but it's being pushed for January 2. Does anybody out there have further details?

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I reckon they're catering to their built-in audience. The bumps during the shows have become increasingly more sketchy (for lack of a better term), and it goes along with the storyline. Few newbies would be puzzled over it.


Is anybody else going to DVR Samurai Champloo? I've already seen it, but it was a good anime, with a kickass set of opening credits. I'm disappointed that it's getting the 1:30 slot, leaving Naruto: Shippuden and One Piece in their later slots. BTW, if you're a fan of The Boondocks (it's okay to hate the last season; I do, too), you'll definitely want to tune in to the "Baseball Blues" episode. I think Aaron MacGruder used that as inspiration for the kickball ep, "The Red Ball."

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I fell off the Jack bandwagon. Did he have a hat like that near the end? It looks sinister.

Took me a while to get to it in my Jack re-watch, but he has a samurai helmet that's similar in part of the episode where Aku gives him an evil cold. He wears it during his internal good vs. evil battle.

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Just chiming in to say that I love Samurai Champloo and that it gets better with age, IMO. When it first aired, I suspect it suffered from being a Watanabe show that wasn't Cowboy Bebop. Viewed as its own entity, though, it's incredibly funny, with excellent fight scenes.


I don't know if I have time to rewatch it now, but I might be swayed by Momo's cuteness.

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Got around to seeing the first episode. A bit jarring to hear "shit" without the censoring record-scratch. Forgot how cute Momo was. I did remember how Mugen and Jin complimented each other in the way of contrasting styles. And the opening credits kicked ass. Also enjoyed the closing credits while they were not sped up.


ETA: Opening credits have been cut up. Par for the course as far as Toonami is concerned, but the end credits are still intact. Weird.

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