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Toonami: Anime for Insomniacs

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7 hours ago, Lantern7 said:

Oh, and I'm guessing Black Clover will be the next casualty.

Funimation has Black Clover dubbed through episode 124 (which they did a month ago).  So currently there's 5 new episodes left.

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Turns out it was a Rick and Morty anime short from the guy behind Tower of God.

Toonami made a lot of announcements on Saturday. Fena: Pirate Princess and the Blade Runner anime are set for 2021, and Uzumaki has been bumped back to next year as well. Here's the playlist for Adult Swim Con 2020.

Closer to the present:

  1. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind returns this Saturday at 12: 30 a.m.
  2. Second season of Fire Force debuts on October 24
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First season of Mob Psycho 100 is done. Checking the Adult Swim schedule, I see Toonami is replacing that with the first season of Fire Force. I'm thinking it'll run through October, before we get the second season.

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Good to know about Fire Force. I went from watching nearly the whole lineup when it had Fire Force, MHA, Food Wars, Demon Slayer, and Dr. Stone to watching none of it right now. I don't know why they don't re-run MHA from the beginning if they can re-run Dragonball Super and Naruto.

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Just curious what everyone is watching while Toonami has some holes in their schedule.  I’ve got most of the way through Eden of the East and I like it, I can’t really compare it to anything other than Death Note in concept, slightly. 

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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba will be rerun from the beginning, starting tomorrow night at 3 a.m.

I think Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind has three episodes left. Now is as good a time as any to speculate what could replace it. Any initial thoughts?

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2 hours ago, Vermicious Knid said:

The back half of SAO: Alicization

I checked Wikipedia . . . those episodes started airing in July over in Japan, so you’re probably right. The first season of Fire Force getting run again will probably lead to the new season.

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Toonami lineup starting November 7:

In case you can’t see it: DBS, SAO (repeats, I think), second season of Fire Force, Assassination Classroom, two episodes of Gemusetto: Death Beat(s) (the follow-up to the anime homage Gemusetto Machu Picchu), Shippuden (I have no clue when the filler ends), and Demon Slayer.

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1 hour ago, Vermicious Knid said:

Black Clover must have been doing lousy in the ratings to get booted so close to the end.

I think the dub people need a break. According to Wikipedia, there will be a dozen episodes between this Saturday's episode and the run over in Japan. And I like Black Clover. They're in the middle of a training arc (with too many cute tangents), but it isn't the endless filler slog that is Naruto: Shippuden.

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After this week's DCAU movies, next week is showing up on my cable guide as a Cowboy Beebop marathon.

SAO has six more episodes and should finish in February. SSSS Gridman could be the replacement, because nothing will be finished in January now. We could also be getting:

  • the second season of Dr Stone which starts airing January 14
  • Possibly Yashahime
  • Promised Neverland season 2 starts January 7
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1 hour ago, lathspel said:

Is SSSS Gridman starting tonight?  If so my DVR hasn’t noticed.  I told it to record Gemusetto just in case that’s really it. 

Next week. Tonight. It’s the start of the final season of Attack on Titan.

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10 hours ago, Lantern7 said:

Next week. Tonight. It’s the start of the final season of Attack on Titan.

Ok, that’s what I suspected.  I’m one of those people who are never clear when is “next Saturday”.

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This is kind of hilarious. A love for ‘Dragon Ball Z’ has infiltrated NFL locker rooms.


Many NFL players said they began watching “Dragon Ball Z” on Cartoon Network’s “Toonami,” a program that primarily broadcasts anime, an umbrella term for animation produced in Japan. “Dragon Ball Z” began airing on that station in 1998. The show’s final episode premiered on ‘Toonami’ in 2003, but reruns continue to air.

The reporter fails to note that DB Super is a continuation of DBZ and has aired within the last few years, so it's still very much present.

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There’s no Gridman forum, right?

I’m enjoying this one with the kids.  It’s obviously trying to have Transformers references, but so far it’s feeling a lot more like Big O!



Protagonist has lost his memory 

City is the only place that exists, and seems to have a boundary overhead.

Whole world run by a female god

and giant robots of course.  


I can’t wait to see where it goes from here!

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As the lineup gets adjusted today, Toonami presents a new shake-up starting May 8. The fifth season of My Hero Academia gets plugged into 12:30, while the latest Attack on Titan gets rerun at 3:30.

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Oh, yay, MHA is back! :D  So will Demon Slayer start over from the beginning again next week? I'm not complaining at all, just wondering. I'll buy that one on Blu-ray someday for sure, but until then, it's nice to re-watch it this way.

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Fire Force is almost over so there should be another change in a few weeks. Hopefully Dr Stone S2. Food Wars and Black Clover are also going to finish close together in about five months.

DS: Mugen Train, in a break with most anime movies is actual canon and not filler. Also now holds the record for top grossing movie in Japan. Which should mean that Toonami has to show it.

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It’s already been a tough week, so it’s pretty disappointing to learn tonight that Comcast dropped Cartoon Network (or raised it to a higher tier; or whatever).  

I’m probably no longer watching in real time, no matter where I end up streaming from.  It’s been fun, folks - I think I’m out.  

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Either Toonami didn't tell anyone about a schedule change or my DVR just didn't get the memo because the only one of the shows I follow that it managed to capture was Naruto, which was in Black Clover's spot. 😒

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In brief:

July 31: Two episodes each of My Hero Academia and Food Wars.

August 7: Marathon of the first season of Harley Quinn. I’m assuming it’ll be uncensored.

August 14: Premiere of Crunchyroll original Fena: Pirate Princess.


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Next week: Fena: Pirate Princess marathon. All twelve episodes run back-to-back, starting at 10:30 p.m. on Saturday.

It was okay. I dunno . . . it’s one of those things that was beautiful and intricate, but o felt it was wasted on me.

Any word on changes to the lineup after next week?

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Fena wasn't much of a pirate or a princess, and that ending was unnecessarily complicated and trying much too hard to Mean Something. Not expecting a 2nd season.

There doesn't seem to be anything that's leaked about what's next. Fena and Black Clover are both done so two slots are open. Demon Slayer has just started broadcasting in Japan so I'm hopeful for that. Maybe Assassination Classroom s2. Shenmue and Uzumaki are coming in 2022.

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You are correct. Two episodes of Blade Runner are showing up on November 13.

MHA only has a few more as well.

Correction: MHA season 5 is now finished. No date for season 6 has been announced yet.

If you happen to get Starz, more specifically StarzKids, they are showing the movie MHA: Heroes Rising this week.

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I think the schedule is still in flux after the holidays. Tonight: one episode of Blade Runner: Black Lotus, two “new” episodes of Assassination Classroom, three episodes of Naruto: Shippuden, and the first two episodes of Cowboy Bebop.

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