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What’s with badge levels?

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I’ve been part of these forums for nearly a decade (my profile says I’ve been here since 2014) and I just got my one year?  Shouldn’t I have received my Rookie badge years ago? What’s with that? 

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We just ran a forums upgrade which was pretty substantial. There are achievements now, and they are being calculated - slowly... - for the entire Primetimer membership - as as it rolls on through them, you are getting "awarded" them. 

None of this stuff will really matter as most of it is currently hidden (still on the old look and feel) but with the upgraded theme coming soon(*) it will be more visible, look better, and make sense.

Until then, enjoy the notifications :)

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LOL. I just got a “reacting well” badge when I gave the above post a “useful”. I guess the badges could be a fun thing, as long as performance doesn’t take a hit. 

ETA:  Weird.  The badges are gone this morning (both from next to posts and in profiles - even my own).  I guess it's part of the process?

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Updating the next morning.
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