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I had heard there might be a 5-year limit on Nova Scotia's filming incentives, so I am unsurprised.  It's still the longest-running series based on a work by Stephen King ever!

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I like the show but am content with 5 seasons. It's nice that we'll be able to have a resolution. Hopefully one where Duke isn't a ruin.


Getting a little weary of the one twue love storyline.

I was going to say this basically. 


I'm ok that the show is ending and all I really want is for Duke to be in a good, (hopefully) happy place. I'm kind of tired of Audrey and Nathan so I'm ready to let them go.

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The Haven Facebook page shared Emily Rose's YouTube video announcement that baby boy #2 will be coming in winter 2015/2016. Since they've long since wrapped the final (?) season, it shouldn't affect the show, and even if the #saveHaven campaign is successful, I doubt they'll get ramped up for production until after the baby arrives. The video contains ridiculously cute images of baby #1, who looks a lot like his mom. Congrats to the family!


And they finally ran the Haven promo last week during SyFy Friday (though it's possible they've run it sooner -- my cable company tends to cut the SyFy promos for ads).

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From the FB page:


Keep your eyes on the Interwebs, Havenites! We've got a special announcement coming your way tonight at 8pm EST! ‪#‎SaveHaven‬



So, about 10 minutes from now....


Haven ‏@HavenHerald  1h1 hour ago



Waiting.  ;-)


Haven ‏@HavenHerald  5m5 minutes ago
Further details coming soon, but for now... get your butts to Toronto for the #SaveHaven invasion of @FANEXPOCANADA!



That's it?  

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The thing that bums me out about the cancellation? The show got 2/3 of the way to my personal trifecta of favorite tropes. We did a groundhog day episode and a bodyswap episode, but unless they're being really secretive about something to come soon, we're not going to get a musical episode.

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I just want a Lucy episode; just because we know Sarah, we know Audrey, we'll possibly know Veronica, but we'll never know shit about Lucy. 


Had a look at ER's Twitter for the first time in eight months (self imposed fandom break). Dude, 2015 has been rough on her.


Her son does look like her. I can't believe he's two already. He has her eyes.


re: cancellation. It's kind of cathartic to read that article. Knowing for a year and wondering when it was going to be official was harder then right out having something published before the start of season 5. I'm not explaining that right but I'm relieved to know now.

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The DVDs are set for release Sept. 8, which seems earlier than normal before the premiere date. I seem to recall only having one week to watch the previous season before the premiere of the next one one year, so it may be that it won't come to Netflix until then. Who knows. I do usually try to marathon the whole series leading up to the premiere of the new one because they love to bring up old things and because later events totally change the perception of previous events. I just don't know if I'll have the time this year because this is going to be a crazy month.

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I noticed that in one of the promos on TV, they mentioned a two-hour premiere, and sure enough, there are two episodes listed for next Thursday, starting at 10 (9 central). So make plans or set recording devices accordingly.

Thanks for the heads-up.

Sundays at midnight, a channel in my area is showing Haven repeats from the very beginning. Check your local listings.

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