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S06.E19: Opening Up

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When Bull is sidelined with a back injury, Marissa and Chunk are forced to go to court without him to defend Marissa’s closest childhood friend, Kyla, a tech CEO accused of wrongfully terminating an employee. Also, Danny contemplates what she wants out of life following a near-death experience.

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I enjoyed this one.  I guessed who was behind it all, but still enjoyed the episode.  It had a different ending too which I can see happening.  

The bartender for Danny was great.  Cute, nice, outdoorsy.  Though it could have been really bad if Danny hadn’t gotten home safely.  For her, him and for the bar and who knows who else.  

I did find myself trying to see if Marissa had on a zipper dress in literally ever scene she was in.  That’s not a good sign.

Bull on muscle relaxers was funny.  Michael Weatherly can be very, very funny - we know this about him.

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It was at abut 3:20 when the husband came out with the "Open Marriage" talk I realized he was behind it all. it wasn't until 25:14 when the husband walks flounces of court that I realized why: Takeover!

Otherwise, Bull rolling around on the floor was marginally amusing only because I recognize myself in some of his performance. 

Danny's bartender seems cool, but the opening scene with the robber? After subduing him, you call the cops and say "I have just shot an intruder in the head! I think he is dead." Maybe you choose not to shoot him, but if he hears that, he's going to behave until the cops arrive.

Taylor is underused. I like her and wish there was more of her. 

Zipper-Woman is the second most unnecessary character on TV today (#1: Jubal on FBI). Let's fire her and find more for Taylor (and Danny) to do. 

I notice the "Mirror Jury" is now only SIX people, and no particular strategy was used during jury selection which (if I recall correctly) we didn't even see.

This was episode S06E19 and according to IMDb there are 123 more episodes to go. Well, actually only three but its going to seem like 123 of them. I dunno why I can't stop watching this crap so I've sacrificed a White Cockrel to hasten the end. (Virgins are basically unobtainable these days.)


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I find it impossible to believe that a husband would go to such incredibly extreme lengths to eviscerate his wife due to his overwhelming resentment and feelings of inferiority, yet that never ever slipped out in conversation with his wife over all these years?  So in reality, it damn sure would have slipped out, and the wife would have had to be tone deaf, checked out, or willfully ignorant not to notice.

As soon as she realized that an email from her past had been used, the first thought should have been to explore who knew about that email, yet that topic was never explored.

Astrid...is that the disappearing baby's name?  Totally gone, not even a reference.

For someone who never hikes, to contemplate going on a hike with their arm in a sling, makes not a lick of sense, as much sense as an experienced hiker inviting her to go on said hike!

Trying to figure out what the final ending will be.  Sure seems like they are hinting at Marissa and Chunk running the place, but what would Bull do?  

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Speaking of Astrid, there was this one episode where Bull and his wife (shoot, forgot her name!) had to go somewhere suddenly like 3 am…well, who’d watch the baby!?  I forgot which episode it was but it was very recent. 

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On 4/28/2022 at 10:20 PM, MerBearHou said:

I did find myself trying to see if Marissa had on a zipper dress in literally ever scene she was in.  That’s not a good sign.

I do this too! I always try to see if they show an angle where you can see the zipper - and they usually do.

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