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Bang Bang Baby

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Bang Bang Baby is a 10 episode TV Series filmed in Italy, commissioned to stream on Prime Video in Italian Language with English Subtitles. The first five episodes of Bang Bang Baby will be released on April 28 on Prime Video. The second half of the series will be released on May 19.


"Bang Bang Baby" is a TV Series created by Andrea di Stefano, and directed by Michele Alhaique (ep. 1-4, 7-8), Margherita Ferri (ep. 5-6), and Giuseppe Bonito (ep. 9-10). Loosely based on a true story about Marisa Merico (learn more about her from the 2015 documentary "Lady 'Ndrangheta"). The TV Series attempts to be a mash-up of crime genre, dark comedy and teen-family drama, creating something unique, a "teeny dark crime family dramedy?", or a humorous look at a young woman’s coming-of-age/origin story.

Bang Bang Baby should not be confused with the 2014 Sci-Fi/Musical Movie about a teenage girl in a 1960's small town that dreams of becoming a singer, which has the same name this TV Series, which is about a teenage girl in a 1980's (roughly 1986) small town in Northern Italy, that dreams of becoming a member of the Calabrian Mafia in Milan, Italy, specifically the ‘Ndrangheta affiliate, where many woman have key roles. Young Alice wants to become a "made woman", just like her dear ol' Dad. If she ever decides that she wants out, it will probably be too late…

Arianna Becheroni plays Alice, a shy, insecure, but carefree 16 year old girl in a small Italian town, who spends her time watching American TV and films. Alice discovers the big family secret, her father, whom she hasn’t seen in over ten years, because she thought he was dead, is very much alive. Obsessed with meeting her dad and winning his approval, Alice leaves home and travels down the path to a life in the Mafia and crime. Alice uses her imagination and love of the music, TV and pop culture of the 80's in an attempt to traverse the cruel and ruthless, criminal underworld of blood, drugs, and Eggplant Parmigiana to become the Mafia's youngest member.


Adriano Giannini plays Santo Barone, Alice's father, who is one of the most powerful and dangerous bosses of the ‘Ndrangheta.


Lucia Mascino plays Gabriella Gianmatteo, Alice's mother.


(L/R back) Simone Corbisiero, Katia Greco, Carmelo Giordano, Dora Romano, Elena Gigliotti, Vincenzo Leto
(front) Arianna Becheroni

Simone Corbisiero plays Uncle Bastiano

Katia Greco plays Aunt Memena

Carmelo Giordano plays Gambacorta Barone

Dora Romano plays Grandma Lina

Elena Gigliotti plays Aunt Rita

Vincenzo Leto plays Uncle Vincenzo

Antonio Gerardi plays Nereo

Giuseppe De Domenico plays Rocco

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Bang Bang Baby   April 28, 2022     Prime Video

Episodes 1-5     Titles and Descriptions  



S01.E01: Death isn't funny
Despite the chewing gum commercial Alice sees on TV, she knows you can’t kill people popping bubbles. Alice Giammatteo, 16, lives in a quiet city in Veneto with her mother. Her life as a shy and awkward girl takes a turn when she finds out the father she once believed to be dead, Santo Maria, is actually alive and part of a criminal family.

2S01.E02: The Barones
Alice recalls her childhood with her father's family as if it was one of those happy American sitcom families… but was it? Santo, Alice's father, tasks her with disposing of the dead body of U' Damerino, but Nonna Lina, Alice's grandmother, and the ruthless Ferraù cousins, are all looking for the deceased man.

S01.E03: A bionic heart
Just like in the Bionic Woman, Alice dreams she’s getting an iron heart. Is that very heart the same as her father’s? Alice helps her father and he promises to help her face the shock of what she’s done for him. Nereo Ferraù and his cousin Assunta make a surprising discovery that puts Santo in a difficult position while simultaneously investigating the Damerino’s disappearance.

S01.E04: Destiny's tricks
We are what we are, everyone must follow their destiny. Lassie’s destiny is to come home. Suspecting foul play in the disappearance of the Damerino, the ‘ndrangheta decides to verify Santo’s alibi. Santo once again asks for help from his daughter. Meanwhile, a sweet Collie named Lassie makes a macabre discovery…

S01.E05: Game Over
Sometimes Alice’s life resembles Pacman’s. The main goal of both is to run and save themselves. Alice’s situation quickly gets worse following the discovery of one of the Damerino’s arms, prompting Santo to tell her they must run away with Giuseppina. But his plan does not exactly work out, when Nereo and Assunta are on their tracks.



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Bang Bang Baby     Prime Video   (Added Various Languages and Subtitles)

Episodes 6-10     Titles and Descriptions  


S01.E06: The incredible one

Bruce Banner or the Hulk? It’s time for Alice to decide who she wants to be… Santo has been left wounded by Nereo, and might not make it. However, despite finally seeing ther father's true colors, Alice decides to try to save his life. But with the looming menace of Nereo, who knows what will happen next.

S01.E07: Boom!

Just like in the “The Day After,” Alice asks herself what she’s willing to do in a post-apocalyptic dystopia. Santo is hiding out at Gabriella’s factory. To solve the situation, Alice agrees to a meeting with an important ‘ndrangheta boss: the mysterious Mr. Fritz. Meanwhile, Nonna Lina is involved in an unplanned and unpleasant situation with the Ferraùs.

S01.E08: Angels

Charlie’s Angels remind Alice that women can do anything. You know why? Well, because it’s true. Nereo Ferraù is now closer than ever to discovering Santo’s hiding place. Knowing this, Alice asks Nonna Lina’s help getting her father to Calabria safe and sound. To do so, she will have to put herself in a very dangerous situation.

S01.E09: Make the right move

The last move on a Rubik Cube is the hardest one, and Alice has to think carefully if she wants to resolve this brain teaser. Thanks to Alice, her father manages to escape from Nereo. Convinced that going to Calabria will mean his death sentence, Santo tries to convince his daughter to run away with him. Once there, Alice realizes she made a mistake in trusting Nonna Lina.

S01.E10: Bang! Bang!

Season Finale

Do you ever feel like your life is a Japanese cartoon? Alice knows one thing for sure: if it was, it would be awesome. Santo has put Alice in a position where she has everything to lose. She can either go into witness protection with him or go to jail. But Alice finds herself a third, decidedly extreme option. Is she ready to go through with it?

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