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S02.E17: Call Me Flatch

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Louisville has some special visitors -- WELCOME TO FLATCH’s Kelly and Shrub Mallet (Holmes and Sam Straley) stop by, and the one-and-only Robin Thicke is in town for a fundraiser, which Max exploits for his own music career’s benefit. Meanwhile, Kat tries to cut costs at the café in order to pay the rent that her new landlord is demanding.

April 28, 2022

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Calling that Nick is the new landlord. 

Prefacing this with I realize that Welcome To Flatch is a scripted show (for those who are not familiar it is a mockumentary), but a crossover between a traditional sitcom & a “reality” show sitcom is weird to me. It would be like the Dunder Mifflin gang stopping by for coffee. 

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^ I agree, as soon as I saw in the media thread that there was supposed to be a crossover / cameo situation, I had no idea how they're going to make that work. Welcome to Flatch isn't good either. I do like the main characters even if the show as a whole doesn't work for me--so perhaps they may be better on CMK than their own show?

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This counts as the worst episode because of the two Flatch morons made me ask WTF was I watching. and I don't like RT because he's not my style of singer, let alone his controversies.  It could have been a good ep just based on the landlord Nick storyline.  Randi and Phil were the MVPs, I liked Sheila, Carter was OK but I didn't like Max's song/fanboy storyline nor did I find him amusing.  He and Kat are so brother and sister, platonic, no condoms would be needed, Sheila!

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Yeah, an episode just focused on what Nick was doing to Kat would have been fine. The cross-promotion with both Flatch and Masked Singer was unnecessary, although The Masked Singer promotion is going both ways with Leslie Jordan as a guest judge a few weeks back and the possibility that Cheyanne Jackson is one of the contestants in the third group. All three shows must be terrified of being cancelled next month when the networks do their Upfronts.

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Kat should have told Phil that she needed to cut costs or she wouldn't be able to afford him. Maybe then he would be more flexible about frozen blueberries.

In general I dislike torture scenes, so this show's treatment of Kat is beginning to wear on me. If I want a constant stream of bad news I'll watch the news. Can we skip the lingering painful death and get on the transfiguration?

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Season 2 was looking better than Season 1 until they brought in Nick.  Each of the regular characters were finding their place on the show including Max who was pathetic at the beginning of the season.  This episode was terrible.  The Flatch characters were useless and didn't make me want to watch the show.  The only good thing about this episode is that Nick is such a horrible human being that I hope they don't hook Kat and him ever again.

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Nick is even worse than I originally thought, and I despised him already, so that's saying a lot. What was Carter going to send his guy to do, though? Break his kneecaps? Shoot him? I guess no one thought of reporting his code violations? 


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Yeah there was too much going on in this episode and none of it was any good.  

I wonder if I'll get an argument about Nick this time.  After all, as he says, "It's nothing personal, it's just business".  MY ASS!  What a liar!  If anyone believes that, I have a nice bridge in Brooklyn to sell if they're interested.  😉

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The cost of rent IS business, but then, he shouldn't have sex with his tennants.  He's a jerk, but I still don't see him as the spawn of Satan.  Too many actual evil people out there to put him in that category.  But, yes, they should report his infractions and maybe he'll get his comeuppance... And get off the show so I can enjoy it without tension.

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I think this episode they forgot to add the funny parts? Or the funny parts got left on the cutting room floor? Either way it was not good and boring. Although I loved Phil's, "I hate cats!"

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Actually I liked Shrub and Kelly and I thought Randi was being rude to them. I watched the six previous Call Me Flatch episodes Sunday night and the one that aired on Fox Thursday night, Monday night ahead of the Fox airing. I like WTF. But I was not a fan of this episode other than Shrub and Kelly and Laura Bell Bundy. 

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I feel like this show has been going downhill. The Flatch part was just dumb, although I understand her need for extra income. It makes sense they added Louisville’s own Laura Bell Bundy to the cast, but I’m not crazy about the character. The writers need to have a serious meeting about where to go from here. I don’t think they know. 

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Ever since Nick was introduced this show has been going downhill. Its too bad, before that season two was a real improvement on the first season, but now Kat has gone from "lovably flawed" to "annoyingly flawed" sleeping with asshole Nick and kissing Max, the show has just become less fun. 

Nick is such an asshole, but at least he's become such a massive prick that I don't think even Kat will be dumb enough to sleep with him again. I hate this evil landlord thing, its really taking away from my enjoyment of the show. I don't even think I got any decent laughs this week, just a few smiles from Randi lines. And Kat saying she watches Euphoria through her fingers, I cant really blame her. 

I forgot that this was supposed to be a crossover, the unfunny idiots from Flatch certainly didn't inspire me to check out their show. They were really annoying, I cant imagine watching a whole show about them. 

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On 4/29/2022 at 3:26 AM, NeenerNeener said:

The cross-promotion with both Flatch and Masked Singer was unnecessary, although The Masked Singer promotion is going both ways with Leslie Jordan as a guest judge a few weeks back and the possibility that Cheyanne Jackson is one of the contestants in the third group. 

That explains the extended singing sequence in Robin Thicke's dressing room.  I realize the character's always had a music thing, but I couldn't understand why he got to sing as long as he did.

Speaking of which, those Thicke genes are strong.  RT is the spittin' image (as Phil would say) of Alan Thicke wearing a bad wig.  He even sounds like him.

Never watched Welcome To Flatch, and based on this have no desire to.

No way would any commercial lease allow for a 40% increase in rent. That's such an unreasonable bump that a Landlord wouldn't even consider it.  Residential has more leeway, but any residential Landlord who asked for that much would lose their tenant.  But then, we wouldn't have a plot point.

For me the show's been going downhill since they made cats part of the background and less of a storyline.  Cats were the one thing that distinguished this version from the British version. 

More cats!




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