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On 4/8/2022 at 12:05 PM, TheCouchPotato said:

I can’t with these women.

Gina: “She (Noella) is so full of herself.” 
Gina: “You don’t know Taught? That hurts me.”

Just enjoy the food, people. Good Lord. 

Didn't Gina have difficulty remembering Noella's friend's name (I don't remember it) when she and Emily were talking about Noella's call to her friend or something?

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On 4/7/2022 at 11:04 AM, njbchlover said:

No - definitely NOT Gina - I'm not feeling any love for her, either.

My opinion, and yours may vary, is that IF Noella was so distraught after losing her father (that she has said she hasn't had any contact with for many, many years and she did not want him to meet either her daughter or her son) and over her divorce, maybe she should have stayed home and dealt with her sorrow.  

We've seen Noella act this way ALL the time, and it's exhausting, imo, even from a distance, watching from my living room.  She is going through a lot - I won't take that from her - but she expects specail treatment AND a lot of extra attention because of what she's going through, and when she doesn't get it, she does everything she can to get the extra camera time.  She uses her problems to gain attention - like the comment about wanting that first primary bedroom because she just lost her father (who she hasn't spoken to in many, many years), and then, deciding she didn't want that one, so fought for the other one with the hot tub.  She even made a joke about "hustling the best room with the hot tub" to her mother.

She's a liar.  She's changed her story so often about that shove/push/assault on a person at Heather's party, no one knows what happened.  She saw it, she didn't see it with her eyes (apparently, she can also see with someone else's eyes).  I cannot stand Heather, but I'll stand on her side of this one situation.  She lied to her friend on the phone about Heather's comment about karma.  

She plays Shannon like a fiddle because she knows that Shannon loves to "help out" a person when they are down.  She is using Shannon because Shannon is the weak link in the group.  

I'll give Noella credit for the fact that she has no problem going in on Heather, but she's not smart about it.  Heather is wily.  Heather is smart.  Heather is quick-witted.  She's not going to stand for inconsistencies, lies and rumors being told about her, and she's an intelligent opponent.  

What I cannot stand about Noella is that she is an extreme narcissist (moreso than all of the other ladies, who are all narcissists, too) and she cannot accept the fact that the world does not revolve around her and her problems.

I lost both my father and my mother, and believe me, I know that pain.  We were very, very close.  But, I'm also the type of person who realizes that these type of things (death of a family member, divorce, etc.) don't ONLY happen to me - they can or will happen to everyone at some point in life, so my pain isn't any more painful or deserves more attention than anyone else's.

Again, don't use these things to get people's sympathy and attention - doing that only achieves the opposite.  

She came in, as a "new girl", hot for a fight with whoever would giver her one.  She's another tragedy of a housewife cast who is looking for her fifteen minutes of fame and will try to drag that out for as long as she can.  

I'm sorry - I appreciate your opinion, but I just have no respect, empathy or care for Noella, and again, I am not Gina!!! 


What can I say?  I don't grief shame people.  I thought Noella's was genuine.  I have empathy for anyone who loses a family member.  

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Seems to me when someone dies and the living person processes the grief, and especially when they are/were estranged, it is tragic. 

OTOH - the season should not have been, in Noella's case, all about her grief, divorce and child. We did not "know" her, nor did those on the show. She could have quit the show like Nicole (if that was the case).

Looking forward to the reunion.


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