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S13.E12: Murmuration

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Geez. As soon as Rusty Beck, I mean the pilot (Graham Patrick Martin has such an unmistakable voice) described the UAP surrounding the plane, I said, it was a drone swarm! That was even before they showed the cluster of lights in the sky. So, anyone with a radio that gets near a Navy fleet can suck up all of its electronic secrets? Something is wrong here. Did I miss a logical explanation?

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So the US buys some tech and let's it roam freely and then is surprised when it hones in on it's own tech?  Okay.

Well at least they do seem to be thinking this is some how linked to Callen's deep fake mystery.  We'll see how this goes.

Enough with Kensi/Deeks and the kid thing already show.  Geez!

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15 minutes ago, milkyaqua said:

Enough with Kensi/Deeks and the kid thing already show.  Geez!

Absolutely annoying to the max. No one cares. 

Deeks orders a ton of stuff, and has it delivered to the office. What's up with that?

Show runners: Knock up Kensi or get them to an adoption agency, and as an aside make Deeks into a grown up.

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This episode was just kind of ... there. Nothing about it that made it stand out. Just a random filler episode. The actors and the writers are just phoning it in at this point.

I wanted to smack Kilbride. Demanding that Agent Namazi come up with a plan all by herself and then slinking back to his office to "make phone calls". Wanker. 

The stars on the ceiling at the end were kind of cute, tho.    

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