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The Adam Project (2022)

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I was surprised by how much I liked this. It’s refreshing to see something action/sci fi that isn’t a sequel or remake, and I liked this better than the last Levy/Reynolds team up, Free Guy. Although, whenever I started to think about their rules about time travel, or the science behind the accelerator destabilizing, I immediately stopped, because I just wanted to enjoy a fun film, and Mark Ruffalo has done enough time travel movies that I believe him.

That kid had Ryan Reynolds bit down pat! He was really good! They should have cast someone else to play a young Catherine Keener though. Her deaging was way too smooth and glowing.

I was waiting for some reveal that Mark Ruffalo’s accident was a time traveling assassin, and he’d show up when Adam returned to his time, but since they un-killed Laura, I was fine with them leaving him dead. 

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I liked it too. Personally, I liked Free Guy more but still plenty of fun.

I think all of us would get annoyed by our future selves. That being said, the part I found refreshing was when Kid Adam reminded Future Adam that their dad, even though he worked a lot, gave them plenty of good memories and thus shouldn’t be so bitter at him. And the scene with all three of them playing catch was just lovely.

LOL that Laura and Adam couldn’t control themselves around Kid Adam. I know they’ve been separated for a while, but geez!

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I also really liked it. Less than Free Guy but still very good. Curious how the third movie in the Reynolds/Levy trilogy (Deadpool 3) will compare to these two.

I loved the fight scene where Laura and Adam meet up for the first time in 2022. I’m a sucker for couples that are badass fighters and work well together.

 I liked how both Adam’s were able to give each other a new perspective. Young Adam reminded Older Adam of the good times with their dad and Older Adam encouraged Younger Adam to be better to their mom. It makes sense that there are memories that fade with age and actions in our past we wish we could change.

It wasn’t obvious, but both Adams remembered what happened right? It seemed like there was a lightbulb moment where the new memories set it.

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I also enjoyed this. Not as good as Free Guy but still a very good Netflix movie and a fun time.

Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds are 2 for 2 in my book.  Hoping they can make it a three-peat with DP 3!

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I really enjoyed this but was surprised by how much I cried. There were a lot of really well done touching moments. When Young Adam hugs his mom at the end I lost it. I lost my father to a divorce and alcohol (he didn't die until much later, but he was basically out of my life at a young age) and I tended to blame/take it out on my mother at times, so that dynamic really got to me. 

And yeah, that young actor did an amazing job as a young Ryan Reynolds, so much that while I adore full grown RR I realized I would have hated him as a child. lol I didn't hate young Adam but not sure I'd have wanted to spend all my time around him either. 

This was definitely a winner for me to the point that if it were available on DVD I'd buy it. (losing Netflix soon). It is the kind of movie that I would rewatch. 

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I really enjoyed this. Are there so many comparisons to Free Guy because Ryan Reynolds starred in both? I liked that the movie moved at a good pace and was relieved that dad’s accident was just that and not part of an evil plan. Ryan Reynolds really has chemistry with just about everyone.

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1 minute ago, jah1986 said:

Are there so many comparisons to Free Guy because Ryan Reynolds starred in both?

Partially, but they also have the same director.

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I really enjoyed this - I especially thought the kid actor was great! I haven’t seen a lot of Ryan Reynolds movies, but I should, I love his type of snarky delivery. (And I have a Golden retriever so I loved the dog, too - this ended up being just exactly the lazy Sunday entertainment I needed today.)
I gasped out loud when Laura introduced herself at the end - Laura Shane was the name of the main character in a Dean Koontz novel (Lightning/1988) about … wait for it … time travel. No way that’s a coincidence, right? The screenwriter or a producer or somebody is a Koontz fan and slipped that in?


I really thought it was going to turn out that the investor lady had been behind the dad’s car accident, it surprised me that they didn’t go there. 


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I watched it this Sunday afternoon and it was perfect for that kind of thing.

I don't think RR has a lot of range but he makes the best of what he has. And this one was surprisingly touching. I was glad they didn't go with the obvious take of the bad guy being responsible for everything bad in Adam's life and his father's accident was just that, an accident.

That gave much better closure than taking his anger out on the bad guy instead of his mother. Instead he learned to let go. Btw, I thought Jennifer Garner was outstanding in this. That scene in the bar was breaking my heart.

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3 hours ago, supposebly said:

Btw, I thought Jennifer Garner was outstanding in this. That scene in the bar was breaking my heart.

yep, that was the first time the movie made me tear up. Wasn't the last time. I love a movie that can make me both laugh and cry. I loved this movie. 

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Better than expected and a lot deeper then I thought it would be.   Liked little Adam and grown up Adam  giving each other insight into family members.   My favorite scene was watching Ryan Reynolds In the bar talking to his mom about his younger self.    The only thing I might have done was give mom a bigger part.   

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I read the synopsis but still, I did not expect how emotional it was. “The Adam Project” hit on every single emotional note and gave them all time for us to sit in it. I cried pretty much off and on all movie, starting with old Adam telling young Adam how 30 years later he still gets sick to his stomach when he thinks about how he treated his mother. Movies now a days spends more time with moms and I liked how this movie carves out where the mom falls into adams grieving ie his anger. It was all really well done. Jennifer Garner is a little bit wasted here but she shined so much in the bar scene with Ryan Reynolds. They both did to be honest. Really well done. 

Ryan Reynolds has carved out his own brand of acting with humor and this movie delivers on it, luckily he can also act and he really delivered on how a man who lost his father at a young age and never quite dealt with that trauma would behave as an adult. Really the most believable is seeing old and young Adam and seeing the line straight through. 

Im most impressed how this wasn’t a typical “save my father” story. How Adam never thought for a second to do that. How the movie let it still be in the end. It’s bittersweet but such is life. 

Mark Ruffalo continues to be a treat. 

The kid really nailed Ryan Reynolds mannerisms. But he also nailed the humor and the emotion. He did superb but I liked how the heavier emotional moments were still on Reynolds and Ruffalo. Best thing I liked? This movie was under two hours! Hahaha. After sitting through Batman, it’s nice to be in and out and entertained all the same.

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I really enjoyed this one. I loved that the Dad immediately recognized a 44-year-old Adam and didn’t need to have it explained. That’s a good dad.

That kid is fantastic at copying Ryan Reynold’s delivery. Add me to the list if people who thought business partner was responsible for Dad’s death, therefore he lived this time with the Adams never knowing they’d lost him. It wouldn’t have felt forced.

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