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S01.E08: Tucked Up in Newport

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On 3/17/2022 at 1:25 PM, MollyB said:

As to the "safe as brandy" question:

I got this on the Quora website.

"Brandy is good once a week as it heats your body from inside and helpful in pulling out cough from your chest.

It is generally preferred as medicine in India. Which is generally taken with warm water or warm water and honey in small quantity (Ex: 30 ml or 60 ml max).

It is more suitable to have once in week during winters that too in limited quantity as mentioned above.

Note: Anything that you consume in excess will harm your health and body.

Its better to not make it a habit and have once fortnightly."

My first thought was the Oceans 11 movie (Clooney one) when Carl Reiner delivers the line about the hotel safe is for Grandmother's pearls and old brandy.

I'm thinking Agnes meant that nobody gets drunk on something like brandy, therefore it is safe.

I've never heard that phrase before but I took it to indicate that Agnes and all the society people knew that despite Nathan's character (McAllister) being married, he was not "interested" in women (gay) so their reputations around him could not be compromised.

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