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Anticipation: Buoy, I can't wait!

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From the previews it looks like more of the same drunk horny 20 somethings acting out for the camera week after week. Bravo has ruined this franchise for me. It's nothing like the good olde days of Kate and crew actually working and taking pride in thir work. Don't think that I will tune in for this. 

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On 3/14/2022 at 6:19 AM, EtheltoTillie said:

This is not on Bravo?  

I'm hoping it comes to Bravo after the Peacock airing is done, like they did with the Ultimate Girls Trip. It looks like RHOMiami will be hitting Bravo pretty soon, too. 

Living in a place with bad internet sucks so much when everything is shifting to streaming! I have serious fomo. That and I'm cheap and don't want to spend for all the services just to watch trash tv 😂 


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