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Love After Lockup Season 5: LIVE CHAT

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1 minute ago, Pepper Mostly said:

Branwin is "super respected"? PUH-LEASE.

I think she meant respectful but language is very fluid on this show.

Was there an enormous crucifix in that diner?  I think the Jesus figure was taller than Chazz.

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3 minutes ago, Floatingbison said:

She busts out a stack of ones.   ....I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I went to China I brought a lot of $1 bills.  Easy to buy things at markets.  When I got home and would use them to buy things, I would say to the cashier, "I've been working the pole", then laugh at their shocked faces. 

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That was so worth the wait!  It's been fun tonight!  It's always fun to snark on these nutty people.  I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!

See some of you Sunday.

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Amazing that one chubby little carnival sideshow pageant baby spawned this whole industry of family dysfunction.


See you next week, snark frens.  Don't go apologizin'.

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S05.E10: The Home Wrecker & The Nervous Wreck


Raydean drops a bombshell on Rick; Lacey confronts Antoine about cheating accusations; Kevin wants an answer from Tiffany; Chance puts his heart on the line; Indie is faced with a big decision; Branwin has a breakdown. Martel keeps a secret.

Original air date 2022.05.06

We all know that Raydean's bombshell is that she's married.  Will Rick finally catch the clue that has been slapping him in the face this entire time? 


Kevin wants Tiffany to pretend she is madly in love with him.  If she says yes, he may drag her back to his cave by her hair.  

I fear Chance will pop the question; this time it won't be "can I stick it in every hole you have?".  I sincerely hope that giggling dolphin Tayler says no, both for her sake and, most importantly, for the sake of her children.  Please do not raise your girls to think that abuse equals love. 

Indie is faced with a big decision.  I believe Mama Indie has the answer for her - pack your shit, put it in the car, and get your daughter and yourself back to Maryland now.  I said, "Now, Indie".  "Now!"  Yolanda is so far out of patience for Harry's games he is lucky her boot is not firmly implanted in his ass.

Didn't we already see Branwin have a breakdown?  Is she reconsidering her decision to marry Chazz when she had been out for a minute?    Is she thinking that he is not her knight in shining armor, ready to whisk her away to his magical kingdom where there is no addiction, no need to strip for a living, no need to work at all? Why do these women think that men who are trolling prison babe websites are wealthy? 

Martel, man of so many words, keeps a secret.  Will anyone notice? 

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So.  Season finale.  Woof, that was fast, although I enjoyed the 90 minute format.


Tonight, I hope:

--Kaylah shakes off Martel once and for all.

--TayLER recognizes how much more valuable her sister is than Mr. One Punch Away.

--Rick wakes the hell up.

--Yolanda drags Indie home.

--Indie's brother sets up a Fans Only link for my thirsty friends here.


I don't care too much about Chazz/Bran/Kevin/Tiffany. 

I can't think of anything helpful to fix Antoine's world--I guess I'll send him back to prison with Chance, Martel, Harry and Raydean. 


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