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Love After Lockup Season 5: LIVE CHAT

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1 minute ago, candall said:

I think that's the THIRD time in this one episode where "But I love him" was the rationalization for excusing outrageous behavior.  What is wrong with these women??

I often wonder the same. They get all giggly and blushy over penis drawings and roses made of toilet paper. Have they never been treated well? They think this is the pinnacle of romance??

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$583??????? They didn’t look that amazing lol. 

4 minutes ago, WaltersHair said:

If Raydean treats everyone she knows like this, they will find her in a ditch somewhere

Tonite on Dateline....

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10 minutes ago, Keywestclubkid said:

am I doing alright? GIRL you have fought every fucking time you have been around him... you slept in a hotel ... you aint doing it right 

I wish the entire fuck I would.

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