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S01.E01: Episode 1

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I am really liking this show so far( haven't finished the second ep yet) but this first ep a lot happens. Boy,these two women had one hell of a terrible day! A while back when I read about and saw Toni Collette was the lead, I was in already!

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I started to watch this without realizing I had read the book, and about halfway through started having some serious deja vu. It has been a couple of years, but the first episode, at least, seems to follow the book closely and it is amazing to realize how vividly I saw the action in my head when reading the book, because it felt like I had already seen it play out on screen as I was watching it. 

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I picked this to watch last night, as I love Toni Colette, and was not disappointed in the first two episodes.  I've read a fair amount of Karin Slaughter books, but apparently not this one, which is good news.  I'm interested in seeing where this goes.  I've got lots of theories, but knowing Slaughter - I'm very wrong.  Hopefully this finishes strong.  

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Late to the party… this show is realllllllly slow. The long opening bike ride home almost had me changing channels. Everything that happens seems stretched out… and I am only 18 minutes in. I hope the mystery is something interesting and not an abusive ex or something lame like that. 

Also, not so sure about the heroism thing. I counted shots and he had the one left when she faced him. That part was brave, but once he shot it there was just the knife. Others should have stepped in at any time.

Note: I skipped from 18 to 24 minutes in to just before Andy bludgeoned the guy. “In From the Cold” did this way better.

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