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S11.E08: Episode 8

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I noticed a phrase that Sister Winifred, or Sister Hilda, used “until it doesn’t”. This seems like it’s culturally out of place, as in it wasn’t popularly coined until long after 1966, the year S11 is set in. Anyone else have the feeling that was out of place?

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On 5/9/2022 at 5:22 AM, rlc said:

Wow, based on how cold Shelagh was to Timmy, perhaps neither nursing nor the sisterhood was the proper vocation for her.

She has coddled Timmy since she met him. It was nice to see her address him as the adult he is becoming. No time for hurt feelings in a crisis like that. Just get the message! I liked how she sided with her husband about his rude words to his father. 

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On 5/9/2022 at 2:40 PM, Ceindreadh said:

Shelagh is working in her husband's medical practice.  It's not like she's going out to work in a factory.  She's assisting her husband in his business.

I don't care about the side-eye, but who is actually watching these kids?

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On 5/10/2022 at 6:37 PM, bunnyblue said:

. I mean, I get it: they needed a reason for Matthew to be in Poplar at night just as the train derailed. But once he was there, him helping out felt more natural. The fact that the show is giving him more of a presence in Poplar & Nonnatus House without Trixie being there tells me that he may finally be the one for her.

Hardly. They needed more good looking men on the show. Trixie is knocked up and off the show, so they need some eye candy more than ever. 

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18 hours ago, Chewy101 said:

I don't care about the side-eye, but who is actually watching these kids?

The Turners have a nanny but she's only been mentioned once. She's probably more of a child minder to be fair.

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On 5/8/2022 at 9:30 PM, emmawoodhouse said:

Pretty sure it's the PBS cut.

I have ordered my last 2 dvd sets from the BBC website, not the PBS.  I’m sure that the BBC sets are uncut, if I can compare the BBC with the PBS ones, I can tell for sure.  Christmas is coming!!

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Whew! Thank the Lord Dr. Turner and Sister Julienne are all right! I was so worried for them. But I feel so bad for the poor tea lady. She must have been in such terrible pain. 

Seeing all of the characters together at the end was such a delight. I have come to love them so much. 

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