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Vanessa, Meghan, and Friends: Character Thread

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I wouldn't mind watching another season of all of these women. I would love to see a successful Vannessa. The odds of that are very low, as we know from the disclaimer on Dr. Now's show. If she's not one of the 5% who succeed I'd rather she stay away. Fandom is critical, and cruel, about weight gain.


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Even before getting skin surgery, I'd like to see Vannessa get a make-over.  She needs replacement teeth for the two that are clearly missing.  I just noticed that she is missing an upper left tooth on the side as well as the always noticeable right tooth near the front.  Also, her hair and skin are too similar in color.  I think she should darken her hair slightly (along with a good haircut), good make-up, and please an eyebrow pencil!  Her eyebrows are almost invisible.  She could be a very attractive woman.

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Wow, I just looked up Vannessa's age - she's only 44. It's shocking how the abuse on her body has aged her. For her sake, I'm really looking forward to her skin surgeries, and I hope TLC throws a dentist into the mix for her. But all things considered, good for her that she seems to have a good amount of self confidence.

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