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S19.E14: Finale

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Whenever Chasity's extended loccs got near...anything, really...like the elevator doors when they arrived, I got really nervous. 

Christian on the celery smoothie "it tastes like plants":  in last(?) season's aftershows, they'd provide a drink for him and for the interviewee, and he always removed the mint sprig commenting how he didn't like plants in his drink!

My favorite was Coral's, especially the Mexican embroidery inspired ones.  I liked Shantall's skill and inspiration, but boxy fit was a problem, but I don't mind that she won.  

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On 2/5/2022 at 10:16 PM, BlackberryJam said:

It almost feels like that was a different season altogether.

Here she is..She of the ripped shirt and exposed dingy bra.



I do have a pair of CS shoes that came from Payless.  I wore them one time - far too high for me.  I had them in the donate pile, and my dog has now adopted them (or at least one) as part of her "Things I Like to Carry Around" collection.

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On 2/20/2022 at 1:46 AM, gingerella said:

I'm late to the party but wanted to say, Coral was robbed, IMO. Her pieces were stunning works of wearable art.. Shantal's work was very meh and I'll fitting to me.

I liked both Coral's and Shantall's final collections. Kristina's was... okay. The less said about Chasity's the better, as far as I'm concerned. For me, it was just further proof she shouldn't have been in the Final.

As to Coral and Shantall, I liked Coral's collection better, and, based solely on that, I would give her the win. But, overall, for the season and consistency and business-mindedness, along with the final collection, it'd be Shantall all the way.

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