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S01.E05: Chapter Five - Return of the Mandalorian

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5 hours ago, Orbert said:

That's all true, but a crossover can also occur between two series that were originally "independent" of each other.  That is, neither was a spinoff of the other, and we had no reason to believe that the shows existed in the same universe.  Then one or more characters from Show A appear on Show B, establishing that they do exist in the same universe.

I agree. A crossover can occur between two shows that previously independent and unconnected from each other. To me, a crossover is an all encompassing term that covers when characters from one show interact with characters from another show regardless of whether or not a prior connection to the shows existed. It covers spin-offs and previously unconnected series. 

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I was happy to see Mando again, and I kept waiting for it to go back to Boba in a bath, but was surprised it never did!  I wonder if this was always in the show's plan, or if they decided the Book of Boba was too boring. 

My only qualm is whether it's good or bad that they actually showed Mando fulfilling a meaningful mission (finding the Armorer), rather than just having Mando on a throwaway mission with Boba (which is what I expected).  Heck, someone who skipped this show wouldn't even know how Mando got his new raceship (though anyone would skipped Ep1-4 would have missed practically nothing if they had jumped to this one).  So I sort of hope that the visit to Grogu happens in Season 3.  Or to hell with Boba Fett and this becomes Season 2.5 of "The Mandalorian" with a brief 4-episode break with Side Show Boba while Mando took a nap.

The building of his new vehicle (and Mando taking a commercial flight) was fun and showed how Boba Fett thus far lacked that combo of character study + action + comedy, all in a single episode.

I don't want Mando to atone for taking off his helmet.  Hopefully, he realizes that on his own with time.  I was sad to see that spear destroyed.  That was so useful to have.  If Mando was no longer a Mandalorian, wouldn't he have to give up all his armor?  But he didn't seem to have any intention to do so when the Armor proclaimed that.  

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