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S06.E15: Nemesis

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Okay . . . that was weird. That was probably the point, but damn.


So . . . some nut calling himself "Peacemaster" wants to expose Princess Bubblegum, and Peppermint Butler battles him. After a few rounds of combat, Pep But (cute) winds up transforming two of Peacemaster's kids into monsters, which . . . huh. Par for the course for this show, and it isn't like we didn't know Pep But was creepy already.


BTW, did anybody get annoyed by the cutaway to Finn, Jake and Rattleballs? It's like the writers are teasing us over the lack of F&J in recent episodes. Personally, I'm annoyed that the "old solider" character is now seemingly in charge of the Banana Guard, and Root Beer Guy is still dead. On the up side . . . was that Science the candy corn mouse with Starchy?


ETA: I should've guessed this was a Pep But episode . . . the following rerun is "The Suitor." More creepiness from him there.

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So . . . some nut calling himself "Peacemaster" wants to expose Princess Bubblegum, and Peppermint Butler battles him.

I think it was left somewhat ambiguous. At first I thought it was confirmation that PB is so evil. But Peacemaster seemed to be saying there was an evil, as in, singular. So I think it was misdirect initially with the setup that the group was talking smack about PB while she was watching, but it's possible Peacemaster meant Peppermint Butler the whole time. We already knew Peppermint Butler was evil, so, sort of not a surprise. Princess Bubblegum...I'm not sure whether he's her butler and they're both evil, or it's just him and she's not in on it. Or they're both evil separately and either don't know the other one is, or do know but thinks the other doesn't know it about themselves.


At the end when she was all expecting Peacemaster to attack, you could interpret that two ways: one, she heard him call her out and announce his intentions to attack and she IS evil and she knows it so his whole description she reacted to accordingly OR two, she assumed because he said he was after the one watching them and pulled out her camera that he was after her, regardless of the evil stuff, because clearly he was anti-her, not necessarily because she's actually all dark-artsy.


I found it interesting Science was with the group.

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I need to watch this again (and maybe a third or fourth) time to catch everything going on. It was interesting to see thaf Peppermint Butler isn't acting alone and more confirmation that Princess Bubblegum isn't as Good as she would have people believe.

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I definitely read it as option 2 (PepBut is evil, PB is not but thought that Peacemaster was referring to her because of the cameras and whatnot).


Also: "Wheee! Dark magic!"

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I never thought I'd say this, but I'm wishing that we could get back to Finn's teenage problems of the heart. With those episodes, we get a good helping of Finn and Jake, but with a cadre of secondary characters.


With this episode, in particular, I can now announce publicly that Peppermint Butler being darkly magical has been a delight over the seasons. Him being friends with Death is twisted, but even at his scariest, PB is still huggable.

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Have we seen Peacebringer before? He looks familiar and I swear they showed how he ended up with half his head in bandages.

That said, he and the others seem convinced that Princess Bubblegum is Evil (or up to no good) and meeting in secret to discuss what they've discovered, unaware that she is spying on thdm in turn. Peppermint Butler is in the group but everyone (inluding Princess) but Peacebringer sees Pep is evil. Are they all in deep denial or under the effects of an enchantment? She got freaked out b/c Peacebringer was threatening whoever was spying on them. I think she's got some evil in her, buf as obvert as Peppermint.

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