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That's understandable, and I must retract my comment about Mallory's age. We first saw her in Season 1 when she was 12 ~ ish,....add 6 years to that and she would have been 18.  I think what made it odd is that (for me) it was unexpected. I wanted to see more of her & Jake growing, either separately as friends, or together as Boyfriend/ Girlfriend. It ended suddenly..... ;(    

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I'm with M-L-C: Pretty sure Mallory is supposed to be about 18. She was like 11 or 12 when the show premiered. If you do the math, that's 6 or 7 years since then. Eighteen is old enough to be on her own, travelling to France to be with Jake.

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Wasn't Jake supposed to be a dog to her?  I don't watch consistently, forgive.

@_@,...Catching my breath  @_@


Wheew,...What Heartland are you,..or ...aren't you watching? Ok, I need a mental break. Are you serious; HE WAS NEVER A DOG TO HER. He cherished the ground she walked on. He adored her, but she didn't reciprocate those feelings until later.  You haven't consistently watched so,......I'm done. Have a great day and HAPPY HEARTLANDING to you consistent or not  

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We both know Lou is going to be lousy at this "hands-off" mantra.  She takes on too much.

Please speak for yourself,...(you don't consistently watch),...we BOTH do not know that! I know that I love LOU! BA BYE

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I thought I saw a scene where she overheard him with another girl and she hid and listened and was somehow disappointed at the outcome.  That could have been another character.     Sorry to upset you.  Darn, I am cast out of the rodeo.

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Thread the Needle; I just learned something tonight on how the title works into the show.

When threading a needle it takes a very precise & steady hand, (I suggest wearing your glasses, because you will give yourself a migraine trying to thread the needle otherwise). The RCMP Musical Ride takes practice, precision, steadiness, and self control. The end result is quite 'breath taking', and beautiful to watch.


That being said, I also noticed, quite a bit of, stubbornness in tonight's episode. (for some reason I've not noticed it before). So here we go;

Jeff is stubborn with Cassandra. He has dropped his jaw, wagging his tongue, completely infatuated and lost his mind, over Cassandra. She is not biting that carrot (at all). How many ways can we, ladies, drop a hint that is not received? Good grief Jeff...SHE DON'T LIKE YOU! poor Jeff. I kind of felt sorry for him. (hahahahahahaha)

Then there is Brian, the RCMP Musical Rider. He's having trouble with riding, but is not honest with Amy or Dr. Trisha. It's not till the good Dr., pushes Amy to see that something medical could be going on. Poor Brian with MS, doesn't want to be kicked off of the team especially for (medical) reasons. BUT, Amy comes through very nicely, and helps him find a way to cope with it. (AWESOME).

Did you happen to notice how Jack is seriously stubborn about seeing any doctor! But, then again, what VIRILE, STRONG man do you know walks willingly (on his own), to see the good ole doc? (HahahahahahahahA),....Jack!..... (I love him)

Lastly we have Ty being stubborn with Scott. The clinic is in serious need of help, since the Jeremy/ Cassandra debacle, when Scott fired her! Now Scott wants her back and Ty has issues with that! (Well, who can blame him)?  In fact, I totally agree with Ty.  You will see how that turns out.

All in all, it was another awesome Heartland night.

For now I bid you a due, till next Wednesday. When I give you more of my 2 cents worth!

Happy Heartlanding America      

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This episode has made the fandom absolutely erupt. Based on comments coming from Facebook, the verdict is not a good one. Comments coming in from the Twitterverse and Tumblr appear to be a bit more positive and balanced. Optimism is there if one looks for it.


(Warning: highly subjective comment to follow: I've never been one to fully trust Facebook comments; numerous fandoms suffer from a particular form of clannish, outlandish comments on Facebook, and it seems to only breed negativity once the ball gets rolling there, too...)


Here's a detailed breakdown of what happened in this episode:


Amy's flying high after a very successful European tour with Prince Ahmed's equestrian team. Georgie has been all over the blogoshpere, following horsey-people's postings about the team's exploits. She excitedly shows Ty a clip of a major fail by a Brazilian jumper, which opened the door for Ahmed to win it. Apparently, Georgie has developed quite the fangirl attitude towards Amy, and has plastered her bedroom wall with articles and pictures.


Episode writer, Heather Conkie (who's been with the show since the beginning) sure knows how to stir things up, since the last time we see Amy in Ahmed's presence, he's giving her an expensive necklace at a farewell party, and he's leaning in to her... just so... to... 


Whisper something to her?


Kiss her?


Smell her perfume? ooh, is that Chanel #5?


Of course we don't see what happens after the lean-in. We're not supposed to, though some are already treating the scene as proof that there's been a kiss, which means that Amy has cheated on Ty, which leads to much belly-aching that the writers are leading us down another boom-and-bust cycle of Ty and Amy angst.


Meanwhile, Ty and Caleb have partnered up after their big Futurity win to start a horse prospecting business. It's pretty much a "flip-your-horse" type business where they buy some horses at auction price that look like they have good prospects. Caleb trains them up, and they re-sell them at a higher price to hopefully turn a good profit. They already have a potential buyer in the person of Hollis, the guy who sold them Charger the barrel-racing horse from the Futurity event last season. However, Tim has also started his own horse prospecting business called "Hot Shots", in direct competition with Ty and Caleb. He runs interference by approaching Hollis to try to solicit his business, then tries to offer Ty and Caleb and opportunity to partner with him. The guys obviously want nothing to do with Tim. More on that later.


Back at the homestead, Lisa has just come back from a three week trip (and it wasn't France this time!). She and Jack are very happy to see each other, but now that she's home (and with their marriage still a secret) Lisa reluctantly takes off her rings and hides them in her pocket. But since Amy's supposed to be returning the next day, Lisa wants to tell the whole family, since they'd agreed they would wait until everyone was present. (Nevermind that Peter is still away... small plot point that didn't really matter in the end...) Jack agrees that telling everyone the next day will be fine.


Once inside, Lisa tries to start lending a hand with dinner chores, which instantly gets on Lou's nerves. Seems that Lou has been taking exception to the amount of time Lisa seemed to be spending at Heartland as of late. She even takes Jack aside and asks him if he'd tell Lisa to butt out; that she was a bit relieved when Lisa was away for the past three weeks. Jack doesn't have to say it, but it's evident he's starting to have doubts about his "good" news he should be sharing soon. 


Tim picks that moment to show up; sees Lisa's back... and, well, he almost can't contain himself, since he's of course expecting Jack and Lisa to announce their news at Amy's homecoming dinner. Tim also ribs Ty about the price Caleb paid for some horses at auction (an auction price Tim drove up). That's when it slips that Tim has his rival stock company, and Lou is a bit upset that Tim would go into competition against his own future son-in-law. But Ty takes in all in stride and says that healthy competition is good.

Georgie comes down for dinner, all excited because she can't wait to go meet Amy at the airport the next morning. Lou says that Amy was going to arrange her own transportation, but if they leave home early enough, they can probably make it in time to greet her. Georgie's thrilled (stars in her eyes!); Ty tells them he has to be at the clinic first thing, but that he will meet them there. But come next morning Ty's truck decides to break down on the way, and he can't make it.

Meanwhile, Amy has been given a ride back to Heartland (courtesy one of Ahmed's drivers) and completely missed Lou, Georgie, Katie, and Jack at the airport. She comes home to a very dark, empty house, at first believing it's like a "surprise" party to welcome her back. She looks for everyone, and even goes up into the attic where she Remy is sitting on the bed by herself. Amy then sees Georgie's wall o' fame, plastered with pictures and articles about her time in Europe with Ahmed's team.


Confused as to where everyone can be, Amy heads back downstairs to hear the door being opened. Everyone's back home at last; everyone's apologetic about missing her; hugs and smiles all 'round. But where's Ty?

There he is, getting towed in by Caleb. Amy rushes towards him and jumps into his arms while he swings her around and just holds her tightly to himself. 


At dinner, already we can see a few of the changes in Amy. Lou starts serving up her mashed potatoes, but Amy protests, and asks for half of what she's being given. Lou feels a bit put out, since Amy has always loved her mashed potatoes. But Amy explains that she's become used to the smaller portions they serve in France; Lisa concurs, and jokes that she  feels like she's already put on ten pounds just sitting at the table. Lou takes the opportunity to snipe at Lisa by saying no one's force-feeding her. Lisa responds that she didn't say anyone was... Jack senses the tension, but says nothing. That's when Lou notices the necklace Amy is wearing, and asks where she got it. Amy says it was a goodbye present from the team. 

Georgie is bursting with questions, and begs Amy to tell her all about it. Amy explains she was initially afraid that no one would listen to her ideas for training, but they were all very welcoming and willing to try her ideas; she's rapturous about the side trips the team took to Rome and Paris; all the culture, all the history... She claims that all-in-all,the tour was an incredible experience. With that segue, Lisa tries to make a move to tell them about the marriage. ("Speaking about incredible experiences..." ) She nods towards Jack, expecting him to take the lead--after all, this is his family--but he drops the ball (his ears probably still ringing from Lou's no-so-happy words about Lisa earlier). Instead, he stumbles around and talks about how great a job Georgie's been doing on the ranch in Amy's absence.

Amy's happy to hear it, but big-mouth Tim jumps in and says words to the effect of: Oh yeah, you left us in the lurch; we all had to chip in...

Lou sees Amy looks a little hurt by this insinuation that her absence made things worse on the family, but Georgie's still excited to hear more about the tour, begging to know if there were any celebrities around. Amy just looks a bit weary and overwhelmed with all of Georgie's sudden attention, and maintains she'll give more details later; she's just feeling really jet-lagged right now.

Later, in the kitchen, Lou and Jack are cleaning up. Lisa comes in and tries to shoo Lou out, telling her she shouldn't have to clean since she did all the cooking. Lou doesn't want to be elbowed out of her own kitchen, but doesn't realise that Lisa actually wants time alone with Jack to speak with him privately. Lou finally leaves when Lisa suggests she could at least put Katie to bed, but not before Lou sends Jack a meaningful glare of annoyance. Alone at last, Lisa wants to know why Jack didn't tell the family their news like they had planned. She wants to know what's going on, and feels like perhaps Jack really doesn't want to tell them. Jack makes the excuse that Amy seemed overwhelmed, and that he didn't want to overwhelm her even more. Lisa is doubtful about it, and wonders out loud if maybe Jack is the one feeling too overwhelmed...

Up in the loft, Ty and Amy are sharing some time together. She tells him she's actually a little happy his truck broke down, because it gives him an excuse to stay in the loft. They move in to kiss, but it awkwardly doesn't happen.  It's a little cute at that moment, and Amy says, "Clearly, we are out of practice."


Ty says, "Well, that can be fixed," and moves in to try for another kiss, but Amy doesn't reciprocate, and again it doesn't happen. Instead, she asks how things have been going with him here while she's been away.

Instead of forcing an intimate moment that's clearly not going to happen right then, Ty tells her it's been busy: with Caleb and the horse prospecting business, explaining that Tim jumped right in as a competitor. He tells her things are really busy at Scott's clinic, and that he's fast-tracking his degree at school. Amy hadn't heard about this one, and is surprised he didn't tell her. He reminds her that it was hard to stay in touch... she was all over the place, it was difficult to keep track, and then the time zone difference... brutal...

Amy asks if he even had time to miss her with all his busy-ness... and he says of course he missed her... They move in for another kiss attempt, but it's still awkward, and they don't quite lock lips. Anyway, Ty says that first thing he wants to do next day is get some parts for his truck. Amy says she'd love to go with him; also that there's a particular place she's been dying to see...

So the next morning, they go off to visit their little Ranch O' Dreams. Amy says that it's a little smaller than she remembers, but that she still loves it. Their reverie is broken when some guy leading a horse out of one of the barns yells at them: "What the hell are you doing on my property!?"

An indignant and very upset Ty phones the real estate agent and lays in on him. Apparently, the agent was supposed to call him if there were any other offers, but now Ty is pissed because the agent went and sold it right out from under them. The agent was apparently under the impression that Ty would be keeping in touch with him, not the other way around. Ty mouths off, and the agent hangs up on him. Amy, not even yet fully aware of her own crushing disappointment, hates to see Ty so enraged. Amy tries to calm him down, saying it was just a terrible misunderstanding.

Back home, the rest of the family tries to help Amy see the bright side of things... Tim, in particular says that the upkeep and fix-it-up nature of the place would have been too much for them, which is exactly what Amy does not want to hear, but Jack and Lou agree with Tim. In spite of all this common sense approach, all Amy is seeing is her dreams fading.


Just then, a trailer from Ahmed shows up with Gypsy, a horse with a problem. Amy is not in the mood for this right now, hoping she didn't have to get back to "work" so soon. Georgie, though, is all excited to see her "Miracle Girl" idol back at what she does best, and mentions how tough it was at first not having Amy around while she was on the tour, but that things did manage to fall into place. The chalkboard in the barn shows all of the chores Georgie has been handling. Amy seems a bit wistful at this... perhaps feeling like she isn't even needed in her own barn anymore.

Meanwhile, Caleb has been hard at work training the horse he and Ty bought at the auction. Tim pops up, and mentions that his business, Hot Shots, has half-a-dozen buyers for the horse. But of course Ty and Caleb still don't want to deal with Tim... (You just know Tim has something up his sleeve when he's in such a persistent mode.)

Back at Heartland, Amy finds that Georgie already has things set up with Gypsy: she has the horse warmed up in the round pen with the lunge line, and has the jumps set up, just as Amy likes them. (Amy seems a little weirded out by Georgie's enthusiasm, but gets to work, anyway.) Gypsy is a great jumper; clearing all the high ones, but for some odd reason, slacking on the low ones. In fact, the horse seems to be rather lackadaisical with the low jumps, constantly knocking them down whlie clearing all the high ones without a problem. Amy can't figure it out at this point, and we're not quite sure why Gypsy is like this, either, because whenever Georgie raises the bar on the low ones,Gypsy clears those, too. 

Georgie encourages Amy after the run-through ("You'll figure it out; you always do.") and Lou comes out to tell them she has snacks inside so they can take a break. Georgie wants to take Gypsy to untack him; wants to know when they're going to start tomorrow; what she can do to help prep the horse. Amy's like, no, nothing, and I can untack the horse myself. But Georgie would have none of if, insisting that Amy obviously didn't have to do the schlepping while she was on tour; she shouldn't have to here, either. (You must have had an assistant on the tour; I can be your assistant here! Yay, me!)

Amy lets the girl have her way because it would just take too much energy to argue. Lou tries to explain: "She's your number one fan. She idolizes you." (Have you seen her bulletin board, by the way? Yes, Amy has seen it...) She is frustrated by the attention, and later, she says to Ty at the trailer that she misses the old, opinionated Georgie who wouldn't take anything from anyone. She just wants things to go back to normal... Then she asks Ty what he's doing the next day. Perhaps they could take a drive around the country to "see what's out there" (obviously a hint to look for a new place -- a new Ranch O' Dreams).


Drive around in what, Ty wants to know, since his old truck has probably had it. Amy says that he's always fixed it in the past, but Ty explains that it's always been with third-hand parts, which is why it's always stalling on him. He starts talking about using some of the ranch down payment money to buy a new truck instead, but Amy is not warm to the idea at all. She reveals: "I love your old truck. And I can't understand why you're not more upset about losing the ranch." Amy can't understand how Ty let things happen the way they did. After all, he was there and she wasn't; she clearly thinks that Ty should have been paying closer attention to the situation with the real estate agent.

That's when Ty shoots back, that yeah, she was away. What was he supposed to do? (Make a decision to buy it without her input?) He tells her they could have bought the ranch four months ago, but obviously her leaving on the tour when she did put a wrench in those plans. "I couldn't get a solid answer from you, and I sure as hell couldn't get a clear picture on where you stood -- on anything!"

Cut to Heartland ranch where Lou is typing on her laptop in the kitchen, and Jack comes in saying he wants to talk to her about something that he probably should have told her months ago. He stammers through an introduction, "Lisa and I... you know we fell apart after my ..."


"Heart attack," Lou says...


"--but we managed to patch things up," Jack continues to say, "I know you're not her biggest fan, but-" 


Lou tries to say it's not like that, but-- Amy barges in right then, upset... no preamble, door slamming, yelling, "You know what Ty wants to do?! He wants to buy a new truck!"

(It would almost be comical if Amy weren't actually very seriously close to tears.) She's going on about how he wants to use part of the money for the down payment on the truck, and instantly Jack wants no part of this mess, and leaves the kitchen to let Lou deal with her emotional sister. Lou does try her best to calm Amy right down and dispense some sisterly words of advice. She tries to get Amy to see that Ty needs a truck that works to get to school and to work. Amy complains that this isn't how things were supposed to be. 

Lou gently wants to know: "How was it 'supposed' to be?"

Amy figured she'd come home, they'd buy the place, and they'd settle down into their new life together. Lou wants to know why she's in such a tremendous rush to leave home, when things are perfectly fine at Heartland, as far as having a home goes. On the verge of tears, Amy says it doesn't feel like home.


Lou says that it not feeling like home is perfectly normal, that it's re-entry pains. She reveals that it's like that with her and Peter all the time. First night he gets back from being away, and it's great. And then the second day they usually have a huge fight, but that they're back to being great again by the time he leaves again. It's just a cycle, Lou explains, and that everything will work out between her and Ty. Amy begins to come 'round a bit, seeing the wisdom in Lou's words.


Ty chooses that moment to phone Amy. From the way the conversation goes, we get that he apologizes, and Amy says she's sorry, too... and that she understands about the truck. but that she's been feeling disconnected;coming home hasn't been as easy as she thought it would be. 

Next morning, Caleb and Ty hit up Hollis again (the guy who sold them Charger), about him coming round to see the horses Caleb has been training. But Hollis says that someone else is offering him the same quality horses for a better price. Caleb wants to know who, and Hollis says (of course) Hot Shots -- Tim's operation.

Back at Heartland, Lisa is in the kitchen with a lovely bottle of bubbly to open that night at dessert... when they *finally* (hopefully, this time, right?!) announce their marriage. Jack seems on board with the plan, and Lisa puts the bottle to lay on its side at the back of the fridge.

Cut to Caleb and Ty approaching Tim. Smarmy Tim claims that Hollis pursued him in the horse and it couldn't be helped. Ty argues that Tim went behind their backs... Tim shoots back that they made a rookie mistake, and that it was "just business", too bad, so sad. But...if they're willing to join up with him, he's fine with it. But the guys reject his offer. They'd rather go it alone, thank you very much. Tim has an "it's your loss" attitude the whole way through.


Dinner at Heartland, and Amy is asking Jack about barn space. She thinks the barn is too small for her needs now and that she can't run a business from it; she can barely fit Ahmed's horse in it--Gypsy can't stay outside. Georgie pipes up that Harley and Phoenix can stay outside! (the keener would probably have gone and done it right then, too.) Jack thinks this is a fine solution to Amy's new-found "barn space" issues. But Amy thinks they need to build on, because of her fame found in Europe, how would it look to her well-heeled new clients if all she could offer is a four-stall barn?


Jack is miffed, and thinks Amy's got some high-flown ideas since her little trip. Amy takes exception to this, and Tim tries to cool things down (momentarily) by saying it should at least be open for discussion. Lisa tries to cut in that they should move on to dessert; Georgie says, "I can get Amy's!" and Amy, annoyed beyond belief, snaps that she can get it for herself.


Georgie is a but stung, and Lou notices, but there's little time to cater to anyone's feelings, because Ty bursts in, all smiles. He has something he wants to show Amy... It's a new truck he's taken for a test drive, but Amy hates it. She calls it a big, shiny, ugly hunk of metal. She absolutely hates that Ty has given up on the old one; that things have changed too much for her liking; that she's being shut down in any decision making on the ranch that might help her business... 


Lou feels bad for Ty, and tries to get Amy to reconsider, but Amy tells her to butt out. Ty, still trying to encourage Amy, pleads with her to go on a ride with him to change her mind. But she stubbornly refuses. Ty sighs... says that he just cant win, can he, and gets in to drive off.

Lou tries to get Amy to explain what's wrong, and Amy just falls apart. Everything is wrong, she claims... coming home to an empty house... and even with all of them here, it still feels empty, She says she feels like she doesn't even live there anymore.


Later, in the barn with Spartan, a teary Amy is visited by Jack. He wants to know what's wrong. She says she feels like she doesn't belong, and that everyone has changed. Jack says, maybe so... but he tells her she has changed too, and that he thinks it's scared the heck out of her. He acknowledges that her experience on the tour was amazing. and that it's bound to have changed her, but that the two of them.... they both hate and are afraid of change. He comforts her... saying that change isn't bad -- it's just different... and that she needs to just go with it.


He reminds her that this place doesn't run without her,and they would never want it to. Jack then wipes away one of her tears...and leaves her to her own thoughts.


Afterwards, Amy goes up to Georgie's room to apologize for snapping at her. She appreciates all that Georgie has done while she's been away, and that she's grateful for all her help with Gypsy. They talk about Georgie's Wall O' Fame... and Amy tells Georgie that she doesn't have to idolize her... she's still the same Amy and not to treat her differently just because she went on the tour. Georgie begs to differ... Reminds Amy that the "old"' Amy used to love the barn the way it was. ("You never used to be ashamed of it before.")

Amy has to concede Georgie is right. "Now there's the Georgie I know and love: not afraid to call a spade a spade"!


Georgie wants to know if she can still be Amy's assistant, but Amy says no, she doesn't need an "assistant", but she can be Amy's partner.


Later, Ty has just finished telling the car dealer on the phone he wants to close the deal on the truck. After he hangs up, Caleb drives up with some not-so-great news. With the deal with Hollis fallen through, they can't continue to afford to board their horses at the rodeo grounds for more than a few weeks. In desperation, Caleb thinks they should go with Tim, after all. Ty's not too happy... but then thinks, no way. We're not going with Tim. With the truck money, he's instead going to top it up with a loan to try to keep their own plans afloat. After all, if it weren't for Caleb, he wouldn't have won so much money at the Futurity event. 

Back at Heartland, Amy's still trying to figure out Gypsy's problem. Big jumps aren't a problem, but the wee ones are still getting knocked down. So, Amy has a brainwave: BIG JUMPS. She calls Ahmed in excitement, saying Gypsy shouldn't be trained as a course jumper, but for the puissance event--the one BIG jump--like a high jump event. Gypsy has no fear, Amy claims when she tries to explain Ahmed has to keep him. She argues that no, he shouldn't be re-homed... (what if his new owners don't understand him,either?!) Fine, then she will buy him, she declares. Ahmed must say something to the effect that he'll think about it... Amy hangs up, not too sure what his decision will be.


Back in the kitchen... Lou finds the bottle of champagne in the fridge. She asks if it's something Amy brought back from France, but of course Amy has no idea. Jack is unsure how to answer Lou's question as Lisa and Tim sit around the table.


Jack, stammers, "I, uh, we... um..."


And Tim, who simply can't contain himself, goes: "Come on, Jack! Your wife is champing at the bit, here!"


So, with that bombshell, Lou goes into classic Lou mode... wanting to know if her ears deceived her... "You guys are married? Like actual married?"


Georgie's delighted, and says: "That's so cool!"


Lou counters that it's not cool... demands to know when it happened, etc. Jack tells them it happened the same day as the Futurity.Tim pipes up with a happy grin: "I knew!"


Lou wants to know how he knew; Tim's like: "I was the best man!" (Jack emphatically denies that he was, one look from Lisa shows she concurs.)


Lou's of course indignant that it was months ago, and that there was a wedding, and that the family wasn't there, etc., can't get over the fact that Tim was there. Tim, not knowing when to shut up says, "They wanted to keep it a secret." (a secret you evidently can't keep, Tim...)


But Lisa is at least somewhat thankful that Tim did say something, because it's obvious Jack wasn't... so she's visibly upset at how their "announcement" has played out... gets up from the table to go since the whole thing is a mess. Jack chases after her as she pulls off in her SUV, tapping the hood to get her to stop. Using her last shred of goodwill, she does put on the brakes. 


So she asks him point-blank: "Do you regret marrying me? Are you ashamed of me?"


Jack is shaken by this. "No! Nothing like that!" Lisa is still miffed, and she gets out the the SUV and stares at him, waiting for an explanation for the epic fail that just occurred inside the house.

"This was our thing... our moment," Jack says. "This was our secret; for just the two of us." (He then explains that the minute you start involving other people, there's expectations and opinions.) "You just saw for yourself what happened in there."


Lisa argues that wouldn't have happened in there if they'd simply told everyone sooner. Jack admits that yes, they should have told everyone right off the bat; it was wrong not to have done so, and Jack takes the full blame for it. But Lisa relents a bit and says, No, they made that decision together. She's still upset, though, and wants to know, more importantly, if Jack's even glad he married her. She wants him to be honest, because she tells him that standing with him in the snow, with the lights--saying "I do"--was one of the most beautiful moments of her life. He doesn't respond right away, but finally says: "I need you to give me the ring."


"What do you mean?" she asks in obvious distress, but nevertheless takes the ring out of her pocket and puts it in his waiting hand, thinking perhaps that this is his answer. But Jack surprises her by getting down on one knee and asking her again if she will marry him. At first she says she doesn't know, then with a smile, tells him yes. He slips the ring on and declares: "Now that is on there for good."

Amy walks out onto the porch right then and sees them hugging... she can be seen fingering her own engagement ring. Ty follows her out. She says to him, "You know, if they can make their crazy, long-distance relationship work, we should be able to, too." Ty agrees.

She says that if she could do it all over again, she never would have gone at all. That it was a mistake. Ty says no, it wasn't a mistake; it was the opportunity of a lifetime. He just wishes they could have done it together. 


But Ahmed sends her a text right then ... he wants her to keep Gypsy... as a gift. Ty figures it's a pretty generous gift... wonders why he'd do that. Amy claims to have no idea.


Back inside the house, Lou is still raving like a madwoman, wanting to know how Tim could have kept something like Jack and Lisa marrying a secret... Georgie goes up to her room to escape the madness; checks in on one of her "horsey-people" blogs...


And sees a video clip someone has posted of Amy and Ahmed at the party with the headline: Prince Ahmed And His New Mystery Girl.


Georgie plays the clip and sees Ahmed giving Amy the necklace; sees him leaning in towards her face... and she's seen enough and snaps her laptop shut in shock. 


Cue the credits....

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I ha seen the preview for this episode, so I wasn't *completely* shocked upon watching it.

I thought it was a good episode in terms of that it was well-written and acted and had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

I liked that Katie had become older and thought it was sweet that Georgie was idolizing Amy; just what a horse-crazy girl would do if their aunt went to WEG.

Jack being a bit reluctant (or maybe just waiting for the perfect time?) to tell of his and Lisa's marriage was just like him. I love how his character stays steady throughout the seasons-there are variations, but he really does keep the family grounded.

Isn't it just like Tim to reveal the marriage, though? And also to take Ty and Caleb's business away. He can be an ass, but I've come to expect and even partially enjoy the drama created by him.

Now to Ty and Amy. Amy getting home and being a different person was-well, different. I was very surprised that only 4 months had changed her that much. I know it must have been a culture shock to her and she probably had to adapt to fit that lifestyle for the time being, but I always saw Amy as an easy-going girl from the country who genuinely loved horses and wasn't into the snobby & rich part of things. Now she comes back and wants to expand the barn and all. I hope that soon she goes back to the "old" Amy, because I related to her and even looked up to her character.

What about Ahmed and Amy? Was there a kiss? I don't know, but it definitely seems that something is bothering Amy and that she feels slightly guilty. I hope she gets it out in the open with Ty because miscommunication or none at all is their main problem in their relationship. Also, pulling away from kissing her fiancé, whom she hadn't seen in 4 months, was weird.

All in all, a good but frustrating episode! I'm ready for the next one!

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I will not comment on this episode {tragically}, because I haven't actually seen it yet (((((So What's The Point M-L-C)))))? ....Well, I will comment on something that recently (due to this episode) occurred; which I found very troubling. You might (or not) be asking yourself, "So,..M-L-C,...why haven't you watched this episode?"

I live in America and I can't watch it until it airs (dang it). HOWEVER, I just so happen to have the most amazing CANADIAN (on-line) PEEPS, this side of the earth. Per my annoying requests of being fully informed, including every detail, I do know what happened.


BUT.......what has M-L-C so troubled?




I began watching Heartland through Netflix. (I will not tell you how I watched season 7,...because now my comp is jacked up),...Then I found HeartlandOnCBC on FB! Right after this episode aired for Canada, I went straight to FB. Honestly,..I was and still am, horrified at what I read! For the exception of (2) recently added reviews (which were very positive),..all of the reviews are TRAGICALLY, very negative! (I know I didn't actually see it),.. but, being a Heartland Fan, I understand (by way of the BW and all the sweet things she has posted, ...which I have shared here) that changes are necessary, and inevitable! For crying out loud, the characters are all getting older, and growing significantly into their roles (quite well I might add). Of course change is going to happen, but I don't understand the AMBER/ HEARTLAND H8TN !


Heartland Fans are seriously contemplating not ever watching Heartland ever again, because of 801. They have trashed Amber, to the point, (even I) started to cry. I so admire Amber Marshall and her talents. (My God, when she was younger she actually portrayed ELIZABETH SMART) . She was a kid then. Seriously, I couldn't stomach watching the whole story. It truly broke my heart!....Amber does not deserve the hate spewing all over FB. I can't even imagine what she is thinking while she reads all of the (NON-Sense), bless her heart!


After 7 years, of falling completely head over heels, for Heartland, one would think that they could trust the writers, (after all we have become babbling idiots~...er...just me over Heartland). WE just need to have faith in their writing skills, to put all of this confusing, baffling, stuff  together by the end of the SEASON!

They have been doing this for 7 sweet years now, I sorta think they know what they are doing....So before you go out there (anywhere) spewing major HATE for Amber & Heartland, think before you speak,.....er,....type! Be careful in the words you choose.


I love Heartland, and all the actors/ actresses (ok, including Lou & Tim,...oohhh that hurt). It's what drew me in to begin with. The actors & actresses that we've come to adore, are REAL people too. They feel, they cry, they laugh, and they (as we do) bleed red! So, please keep it nice! Be respectful! and for love love of Pete, BE KIND!


Who know's,....a space ship could arrive and suck them all up into the (Jetson's mobile) and we will never have HEARTLAND again,.......(O*M*G,...M-L-C, you have lost your mind; Your dingy has sprung a huge leak; You have splinters on the windmills of your mind, You have fallen off your rocker, Your marshmallow feel off of the stick and into the pit)  Probably,....but what is the point for all the H8TN. Really? WHY?


So there you have it, my 2 cents

#iloveheartland  :)       .         

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Mother to Jesse (remember him?) and Ashley.

Owner of Briar Ridge.

Thought she could slander Heartland Ranch one moment and seduce Jack the next.

Oh, and run interference when Jack and Lisa started heating up.


Is she friend, or foe? You decide! And bring your saskatoon berry pie...

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Oh...(silly little boy's)


Jeff,..(Jeff). If he does come back in Season 8 I hope he has,...(grown some facial hair 'er' peach fuss).

I am not a Jeff fan for plenty of reasons:


#1. When we first saw him he was ready to take Georgie back to his ("-" rich life style). Throwing his $$$ wages in Ty's face! (grr)

#2. He wanted to take her away without considering Georgies feelings and without even talking to her about it. He was just gonna do it because, 'it's his right, he's her brother'. @_@. (Um...NO)!

#3. In 706 Jeff gets a Bright Orange Motorcycle, to show off in front of Ty. (grrrr)..{Though I do remember feeling sad for him..BAH-hahahahahhaha}

#4. He has the audacious nerve to tell Ty to (I can't remember word for word), give Cassandra a brake, she's in a rough spot and needs a job, AND, that Ty should let go of whatever happened between them (thinking it was a,'Crush' sort of thing) . OMG I really wanted to (toss my tv out the window), SMACK Jeff. (dude, snap out of it). He had no clue why Cassandra was (looking for a better job).{silly little boy}, grrrrrrr

#5. Remember my opening statement,..the no peach fuss thingy, He's got, "IT", real bad for Cassandra, and she could care less, (Bah-hahahaha) again, I sorta felt bad for him, (AH-Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha).

#6. He gets the most ridiculous,' RENTAL CAR ', to show off in front of Cassandra now! And, he asks her to take it for a test drive! Bah-hahahahahahahahahahahahahha. (OMG, she floors the gas pedal and 'SHE GONE')! silly little boy

#7. The saddest thing is, (ya he wants to get to know Georgie) he's never there for Georgie. Always gone flirting with Cassandra, walking because that stupid motorcycle ran out of gas, and breaking promise after promise to her. That is the worst.


If Jeff did take Georgie with him, when he wanted to, my gosh what, would he have done with her???????????

Poor Jeff, he's just a kid himself. (But, I still don't care a whole lot for him)..He's a big show off. But what's sad is, he had no adult guidance either. No adult male figure to look up to, so he awkwardly turns to Ty for that. (well, assuming,...because we really don't know about any adult figures in his life ..YET, we will find out, a little more, on that in Season 8......I shutter to think)


Yes, this is just more of my 2 cents worth.

But, wishing you all a great day, until next Wed. for 707 :D  

Edited by M-L-C
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After her initial shock at her grandfather’s announcement, Lou throws herself into party planning mode and forces Jack into an awkward reunion with an old acquaintance. Ty becomes the middleman when Amy and Caleb butt heads over horse training. And still reeling from her recent discovery, Georgie pulls away from Amy and focuses on donating money to an online animal sanctuary.


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So you thought your personal videos (explaining #whyiloveheartland) never get seen,.....? Boy were you wrong, Check this out,...& Congrats kerryjamesfan & Soile...awesome stuff!


Edited by M-L-C
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I keep hoping we'll see Mrs. Sally Bell and Sugarfoot again. So far, nothing has been mentioned in the Official Blog, but since Mrs. Bell hasn't been killed off, (and since the actress is still alive), there's always a chance she'll return.

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Tim!  Frigging Tim!  I can't stand him either.  Apparently, the actor is a big name in Alberta, and he also directs a couple of episodes each season, so I guess we're stuck with him.  Meh.


I just caught up with the first two episodes, and I must say this was probably the best beginning of a season.  They've injected more humor it seems.  It was always either Jack or Tim that got the comic parts (in which Tim was never funny).  Or have I missed something in the past seasons and just had my eyes opened on the general humor?


Lou does grate, but for some reason I'd still want her as my sister.  She grates but she's great.


Is there going to be a thread for each episode this season?  This show really doesn't attract the attention it should, seeing how well it is put together.


On a shallow note, it seems like Ty is trying to look like a 40 years old businessman with that new haircut.  I laughed it off and mentally called him "Daddy".  ;-)

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Heads up! Jessica Amlee will be reprising her role as Mallory Wells in the Season 10 episode Home Sweet Home. She'll reportedly appear in two episodes. We'll have to wait and see about any future episodes, should there be a Season 11.

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Since I cannot edit the message, it should be noted that the Heartland Music Player is no more. However, you can apparently still hear tunes featured on Heartland episodes—if you're in Canada—by using the CBC Radio Heartland stream. 




Music from the Heart. Ten seasons of CBC's hit television series Heartland have uncovered some of the best songwriters in North America. Great music to ride to whether you are a horse-whisperer or an urban cowboy. Hear: Jenn Grant, Cree Rider, Royal Wood, Serena Ryder, Matthew Barber


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Georgie begins to second-guess her decision to run away from Heartland, while the family bands together to find her. Meanwhile, Amy and Ty work frantically to save Georgie’s horse Phoenix from pesticide poisoning. And Jack, Tim and Caleb team up to trace the pesticide’s origins.

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As Amy and Ty prepare for parenthood, they work together to resolve a dangerous pregnancy issue. Meanwhile, Georgie may be forced to give up something she loves when a demanding new Extreme Team coach arrives on the scene. Then, Lou has to decide whether she should tackle a new business venture that may take her away from the Heartland family. When Jack and Mitch work together with the herd, Tim is not ready to be pushed aside. And Georgie and Adam find the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary.

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