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Supernatural Academy is an animated series adapted from “The Supernatural Academy” Young Adult fantasy books by Jaymin Eve will air on Peacock on Jan. 20, 2022, where all the episodes will be released at the same time.



Season 1 will consist of 16 half-hour episodes and will chronicle the otherworldly adventure of two twin sisters marked at birth. One sister was raised in the Supernatural world and is confident and popular. The other sister was raised in the human world and is an offbeat outsider. The twin sisters are reunited when they both attend Supernatural Academy, which fuels their rivalry; can they get over their differences and trust each other in order to save themselves and the world.

Jessa's Dragon

Terra, Jessa Lebron, Mischa Jackson/Lebron, Braxton, Maximus, Jae

Jessa Lebron, Mischa Jackson/Lebron

Larissa Dias as “Jessa Lebron.” Jessa is a popular Wolf Shifter in her junior year at the Supernatural Academy. She has everything a girl could ever ask for including a supportive father and four best friends with their own unique supernatural skills.

Mischa Jackson/Lebron


Gigi Saul Guerrero as “Mischa Jackson/Lebron.” Raised by a single mom with a tendency to move from place to place, Mischa has never fit in anywhere. The timid, creative and sweet natured girl transforms after realizing her mother has hidden who she truly is for sixteen years.

Maximus, Mischa Jackson/Lebron

Vincent Tong as “Maximus.” Max is a natural leader as proven through his watchful eye on his younger brother Braxton.

Jessa, Braxton

Cardi Wong as “Braxton.” Brax is the lovable, goofy and smooth talker of the group.

Shannon Chan-Kent as “Elda Kristov.” Elda is the daughter of the Headmaster of the Supernatural Academy and sees Jessa as her main rival for Queen Bee status.

Bethany Brown as “Terra.” Terra is Jessa’s lifelong bestie. Terra’s unique power of sorcery perfectly rounds out the group’s supernatural abilities.

Brian Drummond as “Headmaster Kristov.” Kristov proves himself to be manipulative, villainous, and self-righteous as he plots against the Lebron twins from the moment they are reunited.

Barbara Kottmeier as “Lienda Jackson/Lebron.” Lienda is the true definition of a Mother. She is a strong woman who has sacrificed her supernatural ability and a life with one of her twin daughters, solely to protect her family.

Jonathon's Wolf, Jessa's Wolf

Alessandro Juliani as “Jonathon Lebron.” As head of the World Council and the Alpha Wolf of the Lebron pack, Jonathon not only has a civic duty but a paternal instinct to save the realms and his daughters.

Ali J. Eisner as “Jae.” A Faerie whose music has the literal charm to soothe savage beasts and create new life.

Diana Kaarina as “Santra.” As the new history teacher at Supernatural Academy, Santra is the intelligent, compassionate, and confident guide that students can rely on.

Kathleen Barr as “Yufon.” Yufon is a powerful and stern member of the World Council.

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