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The Porter

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Aflre Woodard talks about The Porter, her career and what inspires her.


For five decades, award-winning actor Alfre Woodard has made a huge impression on film and TV. Now, she stars in the new CBC/BET series, The Porter, about Black railway porters and their families in the 1920s. Woodard is also an executive producer of the show. She joined Tom Power to talk about The Porter and the common thread that runs throughout her long career.


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CBC drama “The Porter” took the lead, winning a record-setting 12 Canadian Screen Awards, including wins for: Best Drama Series; Best Direction, Drama Series; Best Writing, Drama Series; and Best Guest Performance, Drama Series for Alfre Woodward.

There will be no season 2 for the show.


Executive producer Jennifer Kawaja commented on the state of The Porter shortly after the series scored a leading 19 nominations for the Canadian Screen Awards on Wednesday.

Kawaja says that CBC green-lit and supported a second season "until the bitter end" but the U.S. network BET+ decided to pass on backing additional episodes.

She says that their production company Sphere Media attempted to find a replacement backer in the United States and Britain, but networks chose to pass due to a lack of interest in "the Canadian point of view," of Black North American train porters.

So even though it was an excellent show and an important part of Black history not to mention labor history, BET chose not to put money into it because there's no interest the Canadian story, only US history. This is why we can't have nice things.

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