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On 1/8/2019 at 11:31 PM, roamyn said:

Fields is using a racial intimidation plea.  Another sports player used racial slurs at him and was thrown off the team (maybe baseball), and Justin is claiming that because he got this student kicked off his team, that friends of this student on the football team have made the locker room uncomfortable.  So he has a moderately successful case, not as strong as Shea’s, but not as weak as Kelly Bryant’s.   I hope he wins, because Martell is an ass and I’m not all that impressed from the little we’ve seen of him on the field.

The NCAA needs to be more consistent when granting transfer waivers.  The same rules should apply to all schools and not be arbitrary depending on how much clout and money some schools have. 

Luke Ford, also originally at Georgia, transferred to Illinois to be closer to his dying grandfather.  Ford's from Illinois and Illinois is the closest P5 program to his hometown of Carterville, IL.  Carterville is 190 miles from Champaign, and the NCAA denied Illinois their request for a waiver for two reasons.  First, his grandpa wasn't a nuclear family member and Carterville was more than 100 miles away from Champaign.  Illinois is appealing the decision, as well they should.  Georgia was fine with the waiver.  It would be great if the NCAA reversed its decision, but unlikely with how little clout Illinois has compared to OSU. 

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