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Wolf Like Me is a six, half-hour episode  romantic dramedy series being released on Peacock with all episodes dropping at the same time on January 13, 2022.



Wolf Like Me is produced by Jodi Matterson, Bruna Papandrea and Steve Hutensky. Wolf Like Me is written and directed by Abe Forsythe and is inspired by his own experiences searching for love as a single parent. The series was filmed in New South Wales Australia. 

Gary, played by Josh Gad, is a single father, a widower, and an emotional wreck, struggling to support his 11 year old daughter Emma, played by Ariel Donoghue.


While also attempting to start a relationship with Mary, played by Isla Fisher, who has a major secret - one that she can not tell anyone. 


But the universe brought these two together for a reason, they just need to keep following the signs. As their love connection deepens, and their universes collide, Mary and Gary grow more and more terrified their respective baggage will tear them apart.

The rest of the cast: Emma Lung plays Sarah and Anthony Taufa plays Ray, with guest stars Jake Ryan, Robyn Nevin and Nash Edgerton.

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 Episode 1-6 Descriptions (Major Spoilers) All episodes released January 13, 2022


S01.E01: Episode 1
Gary can't connect with his daughter Emma when the mysterious Mary changes their world.
As a widower, Gary struggles to connect with his 11-year-old daughter Emma. When he meets the mysterious Mary, it might be a sign that their universe is about to change, if Mary's dark secret doesn't tear them apart first.

S01.E02: Episode 2
Gary bumps into Mary and asks why she ran; Mary has baggage he couldn’t possibly understand.
After a near tragedy with Emma, Gary bumps into Mary again and shares his darkest moments as a father. When Mary disappears, Gary chases her and learns about her baggage.

S01.E03: Episode 3
Mary faces a terrified Gary and tells him her full story and what really happened to her husband.
Mary emerges from the basement to face a terrified Gary and tells him her full story and what really happened to her husband. Mary is convinced the universe is trying to tell them something, but Gary doesn't want to hear it.

S01.E04: Episode 4
Mary fears Gary will reveal her secret; Gary can’t deny the connection Emma has formed with Mary.
Emma invites Mary over for dinner; Mary is terrified Gary will reveal her secret. Gary can't deny the connection Emma has formed with Mary.

S01.E05: Episode 5
Finally together, Gary and Mary go on a camping trip to tell Emma Mary’s secret.
Gary and Mary take off on a camping trip to break the news of Mary's secret to Emma. Mary discovers she is pregnant and fears what may be growing inside her.

S01.E06: Episode 6
Stuck in the Australian outback with a full moon approaching, Gary and Emma face Mary’s wolf within.
During a weekend camping trip in the Australian outback, Gary and Mary prepare to tell Emma that Mary is a werewolf. When their car battery dies and the full moon approaches, Mary must run to protect her new family from the wolf within.



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I'm on episode 1. Wondering if she is really a werewolf or just thinks she is.

Also why couldn't she eat in the italien restaurant? I noticed garlic hanging there, but she's not a vampire, she's a wolf, right?

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Okay, I guess the italian restaurant question was more about psychology than physiology. If I had eaten an italien family, I'd probably not go to an italian restaurant again, either.

Good show.

I'm probably forever be curious what happens to that baby. Can it survive the transformation? Will it be a werewolf? Or something else entirely? Sad that we will never get answers.

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This show was nice, but only 6 episodes? That's way too little. Watched it anyway but I wish it was at least 10.

Ep 1 & 2: It's interesting that Harry doesn't notice how toxic / harmful his constant and unwavering fussing over his daughter is. He is always worrying about her and that sort of treatment makes the child nervous, of course she doesn't want to talk to him. This is the kind of stuff that should be revealed in therapy, but seems like the daughter doesn't feel comfortable about opening up to her psychiatrist.

Ep 3: Even though this series is marked as a comedy, I had to wait for the third episode for a humorous moment. But when it came, it was nice: when werewolf lady mentioned that guys never notice the dressing habits of women! Other than that, Harry definitely gives too much decision making power to his daughter and it's painfully obvious that that is not what she needs at the moment.

Ep 6: The wolf reveal was satisfying, if drawn-out. And the ending was good. The series told it's story concisely in 6 episodes so I guess this could be it, and we might get more episodes if it does well on streaming but yeah it also works as an one-off.

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I was distracted by the fact that Gary's car was drivable and that he apparently never got it fixed.  Also, Gary needed therapy as much as Emma.

How did these people pay their bills?  No one apparently worked.  I thought Mary was volunteering at the nursing home.  Adding that security must have cost some $$.  Maybe Dead Eaten Husband left her a bunch of money.

The performances were good (even the kid) but I was bored through some of it.    Gary's insistence on telling Emma when he and Mary had only been dating a few months was annoying.  What's the rush?  What if you broke up in a year?  Why does Mary take a bath and not a shower?  Couldn't she put a shower in if she doesn't have one?  That would be better than sitting in a tub full of bloody water.  

I did laugh that she only picks the old and sick chickens.  Poor chickens.

Eh, it could have been better.  The fact that I was constantly distracted by goofy details isn't a good sign.

Hey, I know!  Let's go camping the day before the full moon!  What could possibly go wrong?

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I liked the show, I guess because it was fairly easy to understand and the episodes were really short. I liked the way this writer creates characters (especially the lady at the beginning Gary was on a date with, she melted down beautifully) and makes sure the story is logical and coherent. It is weird how prosaic Mary's speeches are when she is in advice columnist mode and how blandly she speaks normally. Emma was a little much, but I guess that was the point. I found the music a little annoying, (not something I would listen to) I am guessing that wasn't supposed to be the plan. The two main characters being forced together bothered me the most, it seemed so contrived, the multiple car crashes, the only time they ever see each other is on the day of a full moon. The first car crash was pretty impressive, continuing to drive the wreaked car really bothered me, all the way up until the end where they didn't even attempt to cover up or clean up what just happened. I was really hoping he would get his car fixed or replaced and that we saw him paying to restore the restaurant of that nice Italian family who had been there for 60 years. Instead we see them eating at a completely different restaurant. I really like the fact that there are $500 birds just sitting around in the trees and that they didn't try to cover up the fact that they were in Australia, even though they could have easily pretended to be in any other country. The biggest giveaway was what side of the car the steering wheel is on.

5 hours ago, raven said:

How did these people pay their bills?  No one apparently worked.  I thought Mary was volunteering at the nursing home.  Adding that security must have cost some $$.  Maybe Dead Eaten Husband left her a bunch of money.

Mary said that she was an advice columnist for (newspapers?), so she could do her job from anywhere. I am not sure why Mary is a vegan, she did say that eating meat that was already dead while a werewolf made her feel sick when she changed back. I guess there is still plenty of story to explore if they wanted to do another season and channel "Santa Clarita Diet" for plot ideas.

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